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Sunday, February 22, 2009

The International Soca Monarch Finals 2009

Okay so, this yea went representing St. Maarten and didn't see so many SxM flags but probably saw more than Jamaican flags which just never should be. Almost each and every Jamaican flag was attached to a Trini flag or a Grenada flag or whatever. But we were Dutchie this year (A big Jamaican grown ass man, a Jamaican one year old who lives in St. Maarten and a big grown ass American woman), so be it.

Just my own personal take of the performances this year at Monarch, which is, at least for us, the main attraction of the Carnival experience.

First the International Groovy Soca Monarch 2009

1. Tizzy & Richard Trumpet - Wuk Meh: This performance was something out of a Burlesque era Broadway show. I'm kind of partial (read VERY PARTIAL) to anything with Tizzy's name on it so I was kind of surprised to see reaction kind of mixed about the performance. Not really too familiar with Trumpet and DEFINITELY thought the tune was better without him but he helped the performance full on. I thought they did very good and they had the misfortune of going first (even though Patrice turned opening up into a second place showing last year).

Overall Grade - B

Could have done better in - Getting a better draw. Crowd participation was at a minimum, as expected.

2. Patch & Mastamind - Rum & Roti: I was full on neutral on this performance and this tune. It is one of those which is better when done live in my opinion but still this was pretty standard and straight forward. Mastamind is one of the biggest producers in the game and, like they're doing back home, the producers are starting to try to turn into stars now. The tune had just done decent in Chutney Monarch and just decent here as well, I guess.

Overall Grade - C

Could have done better in - . . . Uhmmmmm, hmmm. I don't know.

3. Hunter & Friends - Jep Sting Naina: Probably the most FUN performance in all of the Groovy competition. Hunter brought in his people with Ravi B, Hitman and, of course, Drupatee. My wife called this one as the winner when it was finished but I would have been shocked if they placed (they didn't) but it was very very nice. But they had also just placed in Chutney Monarch as well (4th I THINK). Near the end they started going through older hits (which is technically grounds for losing points) which probably hurt them but Hunter declared himself and co. there to just have a good time and definitely they succeded on that account.

Overall Grade - B

Could have done better in - By just singing the one tune if they wanted to win but that wasn't the point here.

4. Zoelah - Wine Up On Me: Zoelah was on point! With a tune that was absolutely made for a competition like this and dropping the official video (FINALLY!) just a day before (, Zoelah is starting to tangibly fulfill on all of the potential she showed with Fly Away and such. Highlighted by starting out with and ending with R&B versions of the song and just generally having a good time, Zoelah was one of the best performances of the night.

Overall Grade - A-

Could have done better in - Zoelah got a little tired by the end! Certainly not to the degree of someone who we'll mention in a bit but just a little. And she appeared to be 'carrying' more than she did at Vincy Monarch last year which is the last time I remember really seeing her.

5. Biggie Irie - Big Girls: Biggie will ALWAYS be a threat to take this title whenever he enters. I don't think he necessarily had the best tune this time but he made the most of it, incorporating backing dancers EXACTLY as the title would indicate. He also went off and sang another tune (a Marvin Gaye song I think), which would have hurt him (technically) but a very good performance still.

Overall Grade - B

Could have done better in - Nothing, that was Biggie Irie. MAYBE could have cut it shorter.

6. Nadia Batson - Bumpers Rule: Didn't like this song and the performance was kind of maddening. It wasn't horrible, of course, but it actually made me like the tune less (I'm playing it straight right now and it's not bad really).

Overall Grade - C

Could have done better in - Switching places in competitions with Patrice later. This was a Power performance in a Groovy show and. . . Okay, yeah Nadia talks a little bit too much instead of singing.

7. Fay Ann Lyons-Alvarez - Heavy T Bumpers: I think I'm one of the few people who REALLY didn't like this tune (my wife LOVES it) but this performance was WICKED! Decked out in a white gown with her dancers dressed in similar but coloured attire, Fay-Ann presented a set which was the epitome of PROFESSIONAL. The definitive highlight being when she drew up none other than Calypso Rose who HILARIOUSLY played right along.

Overall Grade - A

Could have done better in - As was expected, her voice wasn't as strong as it may have been.

8. Zan - Hold You Down: You see, it isn't always the song. This song, I liked. This performance? Whatever. He didn't like it either!

Overall Grade - F+

Could have done better in - Where do I start? Maybe just faking an injury and not reaching the stage. Keep your performance money!

9. Shurwayne Winchester & Maxi Priest - Make It Yours: From the first time I heard this one I said how cool would it be if Shurwayne could lure the Priest in to perform at Monarch! He did (even got him for a video, which was absolutely HORRIBLE) and I was right! The Red Boyz produced venture (which you can find on their last album Mo' Fire Blazin') BLAZED!

Overall Grade - A

Could have done better in - Getting Maxi Priest's mic tuned.

10. Kerwin Du Bois - 2 Days: EXCELLENT! Didn't expect much here but Kerwin showed up excellently! Energy, energy, energy! If you sing a song, even if its garbage (and it wasn't) but you seem to love it, people will love it also and that's what happened here. Kerwin didn't have the greatest crowd participation but he won the people over (your's truly included) with one of the best performances of the show.

Overall Grade - B+

Could have done better in - That was the best he could have done there. Guaranteed.

11. Benjai - Drunk Again: The former and current again and former and current again member of the HD Camp/Asylum had no problem with crowd participation, I didn't particularly like it too much though. The vocals weren't there and the original song itself, I just am not too high on. But respect goes to him because he didn't employ a soul! Benjai reached the stage with Benjai and Benjai alone with some lazers and some smoke! Less is truly more.

Overall Grade - C+ (I think I'm in a small minority here however)

Could have done better in - As odd as it may sound (because I just gave him a C+) but had Benjai actually spent some money on some dancers and some show and some backing singers, he might've actually took the crown (at the end of his set he proclaimed himself new groovy king and everyone seemed to agree about it).

The official results were
1st - Faye-Ann Lyons
2nd - Shurwayne Winchester
3rd - Benjai
4th - Zoelah

My own list would have been

1st - Fay-Ann Lyons

2nd - Shurwayne Winchester

3rd - Zan (just kidding) Kerwin Dubois

4th - Zoelah