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Coming Soon #61: Dub Signs

Coming Soon
"Children Of Jah" by Midnite [Rastar Records]

Although we did make it to the end of February without getting it, apparently we won't make it to the end of March without receiving the dubbed out version of Midnite's extremely well received 2012 set, "Children Of Jah" from Rastar Records. The release is either the third or fourth Dub album from the group and has been delayed for quite some time as it was, initially, expected late last year, but I think the delays have aided in building anticipation and expectation and now there's a bit more discussion surrounding this piece than there was in December. The album features fourteen dubs, one for each track on the original, is the eighth Midnite/Rastar link and is probably one of two Midnite albums to expect this month (two and three of 2013), along with Lion Out Of Zion.

Releases on March 26
CD [I THINK] + Digital 
"I Love London" by Franz Job [Bacchanalism]

Country Boy Franz Job from out of Tobago is back with a brand new album, "I Love London" for Faluma sub-brand, Bacchanalism. I think last year Job gave a quick taste of what was to come via an EP release for the forthcoming project and now it comes to fruition and, by my count, is his very first full album (more than one recent EP, however) in a few years - from the decent "Babylon Is Dead" set. Franz Job has always been someone who has interested me greatly, so I will definitely pick this one up at some point. Join me and do the same when it reaches. 

Releases on March 22
"Signs of Change" by Blaak Lung [GreenSphere Records]

I was actually think from not too long ago that it seemed like a really long time from last we heard from producer/artist/musician/arranger/everything musical-ish person - Blaak Lung and I was wrong. His last album the well solid "Be Ever" was only released just a couple of years back (a couple of very long years, obviously), but we don't have to wonder when the next time we'll hear from him will be as the veteran is set to bring forth his next album, "Signs of Change". Like Franz Job, Blaak Lung is someone who does not have to work very hard to get my attention and I'm well looking forward to digging into the new record. Of course helping that are guest spots from Messenjah Selah, Luv Fyah and, of course, the Arkaingelle. I have a good feeling about this one. 

Coming Soon
CD + Digital 
"Ancient Power" by Meta & The Cornerstones [Metarize Records] 

While I haven't been the biggest of fans, I definitely have to give credit where it is due (well, I don't have to, but I do anyway) in saying that the buzz surrounding their latest offering, "Ancient Power", has finally caught on to me and I am really looking forward to this album. The strongest force in capturing my attention was the album's first single (I think), the WICKED 'My Beloved Africa', which actually features superstar, Damian Marley. Capleton also joins as does the immortal U-Roy. I said that I had a good feeling about the previous entrant on this post (which, for some reason, is being very easy to write today), but from listening through a great deal of the clips of this one - this seems to be the type of project which will come up a great deal in December when considering the finest albums of the year. Check it out for yourself when you can. 

Releases on April 30
CD + Digital 
The Shellings Riddim [DJ Frass]

Grrrr! Following the very strong Pop Style Riddim from not too long ago at all, DJ Frass and company are back again with their latest offering (built by Hizzle from Chimney), the MAD Shellings Riddim. Unlike the well packed Pop Style, the Shellings only comes in with a trio of DJ's. Ele (in a good form), Agent Sasco and a STILL conquering Mad Cobra are the only ones here who touch the track which is too bad because this thing is MASSIVE. Authentic Dancehall music in 2013 with three big tunes from three well talented vocalists. 

Releases on March 19

In Stores Now
"Mischief" EP by Farmer Nappy [Fox Fuse]

Following a characteristically strong season (and a very nice album in 2012 as well) (which I should have reviewed at some point), veteran Farmer Nappy is STILL creating "Mischief" (shamelessly!) on his delightful new EP, which features some of his best selections from the 2013 carnival season. Featured are a quintet of nice songs including the big hit, 'Stranger' (whose road mix is also included on the EP), Minglin', 'Ah Find Mehself Deh' and my personal favourite from the Farmer's 2013 crop, the Precision Productions produced 'Drunk' [BOOM!]. He makes a very accessible style of Soca music and one which is also very appreciable by the more hardcore heads, so if you're new to the genre or are very well acquainted but didn't a very good attention this year, definitely check out the new EP from Farmer Nappy, "Mischief" from Fox Fuse, and get caught up. 

The Lola Riddim [Goldcup Records]

Goldcup Records from out of Italy are up next and they're delivering their own first set of the new year (I THINK), the very HEAVY Lola Riddim. Goldcup is definitely one of the most dependable imprints going today and when it comes to their actual releases, you don't really have to concern yourself much with the quality of their work - it is almost always going to be top notch. The Lola is absolutely no exception and once again the label strings together a very strong and interesting group of vocalists. This time around highlighting the roster of artists on the Lola Riddim are the likes of the aforementioned Messenjah Selah, Ras IjahKhari Kill, Piero Dread, Oba Simba, Kaya from the Lambsbread and others. 

The First Riddim [Roots Survival Records]

Roots Survival Records from out France recently pushed up with their latest and own first (again, I THINK) release of 2013 and if it is any indication (and it is), they're also doing very well because the First Riddim is outstanding. I didn't actually recall the label's name on sight, but after looking them up I noticed that they were, perhaps most notably, the label who did the Protect Riddim from just a few years back (big tune, 'War Straight', by Konshens on that track), but it appears as if they've outdone themselves with the new release, which is golden. Luciano, Turbulence, Cutty Ranks and Macka B headline a group who, for the most part, do an excellent job with the big composition. 

"Kingfurnace" by Jesse Jendah [R.E.M.S]

And lastly, veteran of veterans, Jesse Jendah returns with his third album in… about half an hour, "Kingfurnace". When at his best, Jendah still can be all kinds of impressive, a fact which is at least going to put all of his albums on the proverbial radar. Whether or not this release finds him in such a state remains to be seen. You can beat me to it, however, and pick up the new album today. 

CD [I THINK] + Digital

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