Thursday, May 7, 2009

Achis Reggae FAQ

This is just answering some questions I get emailed a lot, all the time. Some are serious, some are hilarious. Here are some answers.

  • Why do you write so looooooooong reviews? I've written reviews for quite awhile now and they weren't always so long, they've kind of extended over the years. Actually the first one I wrote in the format they exist in now was kind of just a joke, just to see how long I could make it. But now I actually do have a purpose. I write them so long because no one else does. You can type in pretty much ANY mainstream album and find literally thousands of opinions from people all over the world but you can't do that with Reggae. Even if it's a big release, you're lucky to find about a dozen or so detailed reviews/opinions on the album. The way I write them is definitely over-detailed and I ramble quite a bit, but when you actually get into them, that's the good part. As ridiculous as it sounds I usually get a lot of response from my rambling somewhere in the middle of a review. Some record company will email me and say "Oh I saw you mentioned our new project, thanks!". And no. That's not why I do it, I ramble when I talk too. But to answer the question flatly: My reviews are how they are because SOMEONE has to do it and I genuinely believe and just know at this point that in some small way, it does help and you can google 'achis reggae reviews' and see how many artists, producers and labels have placed my entire review on myspaces, websites or even just quotes. I find new ones every time I look.
  • What's with the name? When I was a kid. . . It's pronounced like A KISS. You figure it out (welcome di girls dem suga!).
  • Are you a Reggae artist? No. I wanted to be though sooooooooo bad when I was a kid. But I discovered that I did have lyrics but I just couldn't deliver them. AT ALL.
  • If I send you my album will give it a 5 star review? Sure, as long as it worthy of 5 stars. If you send me your album you are guaranteed that I will not, under any circumstances, slam your album. If I feel its worthy of being slammed I will just not write for it and avoid the situation (which means avoiding your follow-up emails). My Mother told me if you don't have anything nice to say. . .
  • What part of Jamaica are you from? Brown's Town.
  • Will you write for my website or can I put your reviews on my website? Unless your website is TOTAL RUBBISH, then I will probably agree to write for it. I've agreed to write for about 6 of them but none of them, at least not yet, have gone through. Can you put my reviews on your website?Sure. I don't care at all. Just put my name on it and if you get it from my blog, maybe a little link??? Not necessary though.
  • I saw your exact same review on another website with someone else's name on it. Do you just copy and paste these things? Absolutely not. Send me an album, make a suggestion, I'll write one specifically for you to prove it. Certain things go into my reviews to the point where you KNOW it's mine: All of them are 5 paragraphs long with the first, second and fourth being really long; the final paragraph will ALWAYS start with the word Overall and I use the word 'definitely' and parenthesis very liberally. If you see that going on, it's probably mine.
  • You always mention how Sizzla is your favourite artist, who would be your second favourite? Beenie Man.
  • What's up with the Soca and now the Zouk? You'll find even less people who write for Soca albums like that and even less for Zouk (and in English no less).
  • [My favourite one] You must be mad to give that _____ album a _ star rating! Really? Well, write a 2300 word review telling me why I'm wrong.
  • Are you a Rastafarian? Yes. Since around 2000-2001. Give thanks to Sizzla in part for that as well.
  • Whose the 'next big thing' in Reggae? I'll break it up to make it easier: In REGGAE, I'd probably say Etana. Even further down the line I'd look at someone like Daniel Bless from out of Trinidad. In Dancehall, it's all about Bramma De Bomba. Lyrics DISPENSER!
  • Who won in your opinion? Mavado or Kartel? Tangibly speaking Kartel probably took the clash. But Mavado did wayyyy better than expected and he ended better than Kartel so if I had to look at it from a bigger perspective? Mavado via split decision.
  • You write very well, did you go to school for it? Yes.
  • What are you listening to right now? Song named Best Thing by Yahadanai and Pressure.
  • Why the blog? I'd been thinking about it from so long. I want to go even more underground and I wanted to have less restraints than whatever Amazon sees fit to stock (biggup Amazon anyway).
  • What are your other interests outside of Reggae? Sleeping. Playing with my daughter. Eating lunch with my wife. That's about it. I do like some sports. I like boxing, I like football (soccer) and I like mma.
  • [And lastly] Where can I send you my album to review? I mainly deal with digital now in terms of recieving things, so if you can digitize it and link it up (or song by song if you like), then email me at If you can't, then link me at that same address anyway.
Biggup people like Dasvibes, Harry Mo, Mykal Somer, Eno from Studio 340, Itation, Tuff Lion,, Silver Camel, IM Music back in the day, that girl who built the Nylon riddim, Blackmann, Positively Nelsons, that guy from Seattle I forget his name (I reviewed your album!), 2B1, Mischu Laikah (everyday) and a whole heap of others who have either contacted me directly or indirectly through the last year. Everytime.

Oh and listen to this song!


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  2. Good to read and learn a bit more about you. You have certainly educated me more about reggae, as I dive a bit more into it every day.

  3. big up yourself, nice blog- nickel b/itation

  4. Give thanks for stopping by Nickel B. I believe it was Dread Lion who emailed me about a review I did for the Show Love riddim it was.

    Blessings my friend,