Saturday, May 23, 2009

Meet Jah Nyne!

Jah Nyne

Meet Jah Nyne! Up until now each and every artist that I've featured as a 'new artist' has been exactly that, a new artist. Jah Nyne, however, isn't very new at all and although you may have not heard of him or very much of him, a quick listen to ANY of his music might just reveal that the Bahamas chanter is no rookie, at all. Instead, the artist has been around now for more than a decade and has been slowly upping his career and his status amongst hardcore Reggae heads and that has been CLEARLY evident in his vibes also.

When I look at an up and coming artist what I tend to do is look at what they do really well and what they don't so good. I have a hard time figuring what Nyne doesn't do well, however, what he has at his best is a skill of MELODY. His vocal approach, to my ears, is quite similar to Jamaican artist Bascom X, although quite a bit more polished than the troubled X whose downright RAGGED approach is in fact quite a bit of his appeal. In Jah Nyne, on the other hand, that raw style is replaced by a very refined and almost pure singing tone which definitely boosts him. As well as a SLIGHT youthful curiosity to his voice as well which has drawn a few comparisons to the legendary Garnet Silk (of course it doesn't hurt that he also looks a bit like the Silk one).

While we continue to wait for an official debut album from Jah Nyne, he did drop a WICKED combination for the debut album of his good friend and neighbour, Jah Hem, whose debut album Love Is The Way, came forth in 2008.

The tune, The Most High, was easily amongst the highlights on an album which was packed full of highlights.

Jah Nyne's music also shows quite a nice level of consistency as I can say with the fullest of confidence that I've heard approximately twenty different tunes from the artist and have yet to hear one tune which flopped to my opinions. And he is slowly starting to build his local profile as well, voicing more riddims which feature more known artists as well and stepping out a bit with the more established Bahamian acts such as the aforementioned Jah Hem, of course Monty G and Jah Doctrine. And while he remains the only one of that pack not with an official album out for the people, a few more big tunes and such a project will almost assuredly be on the way.

So keep an eye and two ears out for future Jah Nyne releases. Doing so will only be doing yourself a favour. One of the best kept secrets in all of Reggae right now.


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