Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Lyrics!: Queen Omega

If SKILL were a female (and I think she is) in the form of a human I'm pretty sure that I know who she'd be. Throughout these features we've liked to focus on artists who definitely show a high level of skill in every case, but today we're going to shine the spotlight in the direction of someone who, from the very first time she was heard, has very much been someone who has not only displayed an extremely high stage of ability, but also someone who's talents have consistently appeared to have GROWN throughout her rise to prominence. These days, we don't really observe gender in this particular subject in her case, because what she is capable of ranks on the high end of the highest end in Reggae music. Her we have ten completely random spacious spectacles of speech from one of the most talented artists in Reggae today. Queen Omega. 

Queen Omega

"To walk in Jah Jah footsteps, footsteps
Footsteps, footsteps
Jah is my only friend - 
Who sticks with to the end
Footsteps, footsteps
Footsteps, footsteps
Jah is my only friend - 
Who sticks with me to the end

I had a start, I had to make a change
I did some shuffling
And I rearranged
For my life to have no meaning, I had to turn a clean page
Let go and let The Father lift me to a higher place
I can't forget, how HE filled me up with grace
So full of mercy, HE forgive my dirty ways
HE's for real!
HE promises to lengthen up my days
If I would only give HIM the praises - 
That's due unto HIM
That's why I hail The King of all Kings
From whence cometh help, from whence I get di blessing
So majestic and go trodding with Empress Menen
Inna Ithiopia the whole earth bow down unto HIM
With Rastafari you can learn di purest way of living
Learn, how to be humble, caring and loving
Di birds build di nest
Di monkeys dem climbing
Mankind betta catch di timing"

'Jah Dawta'

"I am Jah dawta
I'm living for The Most High
Emperor Selassie, Ababajahnoy
I am Jah dawta, doing my Father's will
Teach you how to love, I never teach you to kill

Yow, I come to tell you HE's no lamb to no slaughta
I come to tell you HE's The Lion of Judah
HE's The King of Kings and The Lord of Lords
Babylon get conquah
Smooth sailing, Tafari is my anchah
They say a virtuous woman is so hard to find
Blessed is the man who seek, for he will surely find -
A woman who is pure and divine
Physically, spiritually and mentally inclined!"

'Can't Stop'

"Let the children hear my song on the radio
Wantt the people sing my tune 
Cause I'm hot like a ball of fire when the sun rise
Setting in the afternoon
See when I open my mouth and the fire comes out -
I'm afraid it will burn their skin
Queen Omega - You know you got the victory
With Selassie I you must win

Dem caah stop Rastafari
No matta how dem try
Nuff a dem ah watch mi wid dem bad eye
But mi ah look up from Zion 
Dem caah stop I!

Bless mi wid a likkle more time on the microphone
Never write mi off like a page
It seems that the righteousness bubbling over - when I reach on the stage
See when start fi chant
More fyah you go want
Oh, according to your works you'll be paid
Yuh neva si Rasta mix-up in yah lay lay

Set up a plan inna babylon
Come Selassie children
Trodding through HIS gates
Righteousness exalts a nation
During frustration, gotta keep the faith
Seek HIS kingdom
For your freedom
Caah tek it inna babylon
Nuh disillusion, and mi nah fraid fi seh it"

'Hold On' w/Anthony Que

"During tribulation, only Jah you depend on
HE's the one to see you through
Along life's journey, it wouldn't be easy, Jah will show you what to do 
Just seek HIM daily from you rise up early
HE's the one who keeps you strong
Just singing praises to the Rock of Ages
The King who sitteth on the throne!
Hold on, no give it up 
Rastafari will full ya cup
Keep on going, don't you stop
Hotta lava, ready fi erupt
Burn out di evil, dem too corrupt
Dem kill di shepherd, mislead di flock
Rasta children got di city lock - 

"Destiny" [2005]

'Selassie I Know'
 "Selassie I know that I cannot do without you
Selassie I know yah true
Selassie I know that I cannot live without you
Selassie, I love you

I must go to the place, where there's no creed or race
Filled with love and humanity
And there's no partiality
No colour, no black, no white
No malice, no prejudice - equal rights
Mama Afrika is the highest high
Fi repatriation wi ah fight!"

'Ganja Baby'

"I love to burn
Cause I love to learn
The weed opens up my mind
And I ain't blind
It's not a crime to BLAZE - 
The marijuana, BLAZE -
Up the chalwa, BLAZE -
The sensimilla, BLAZE
Blaze up the chalice 
Soon mi build a ganja palace -
Inna Wonderland, like di one Alice
Love di cannabis, why -
I am a ganja baby
Sometime mi friend dem call mi Ganja Lady 
Smoking ses, it's no buts, no maybe
Blazing everyday till wi ganja crazy"


"Travelling, travelling, travelling
All over the world
Spreading the message of love

Doing my duties, cause I'm on a mission
And it's a long time I've made this decision
To be the eyes for those without a vision
Free up di people who are tied to religion
Well, Rasta messenger, nuff times I am passenger
Passing distant lands how fast, dem seh I am a superstar
I'm a Rasta
Call me Rastafari
Bringing good tidings of Emperor Haile I
Everyone has a purpose
Everything has a season
Everything has a right time
And everything for a reason
And I was born to serve mankind!
I am the voice of the people
Jah leave me nothing to temptation -
But! Deliver me from all evil

Sometimes I'm up
Sometimes I'm down
So I meditate on The King of Kings who wear The Triple Crown
Cause inna my heart, HE bring so much joy that I can spread around
And I, do it with pleasure, moving from town to town
Well, got to be strong 
No choice to do it wrong
With righteousness, I override di beast, pound for pound
Gimmie di pen and paper and for you, I'll write a song

'Away From Babylon'

"Far away from babylon
Closer to Mt. Zion

I wanna be with my Lion
Conquering of The Tribe of Judah
Who sitteth in Holy Mt. Zion
Of the Trinity, HE is the power
And I'm called by HIS name - RASTAFARI!
The works of His Imperial Majesty, Haile Selassie I -
Is adored, deeply in my mind
And I know, I'll be on my way sometime!

Far away from babylon
Closer to Mt. Zion
Far away from babylon
[I'm on my way]
Closer to Mt. Zion
[Going someday]

There is no time fi waiting
So you betta be ready
See when the ships be sailing
We'll be cruising, smooth and steady
Seven miles of Black Star Liner - across Jah ocean
Prophisied by Marcus Mosiah Garvey
Stepping out of the confusion and the commotion
Take a rest from the west and ease yah tension"

'Revolution' w/Gentleman

"The ghetto youths tired of the mixups and the brainwashed mentality
Babylon ah mek dem lose dem sanity
No love inna dem heart, dem no care for humanity
Materialistic: So dem ah run dung vanity
Mi really it's not the youths dem to blame
The leaders and di elders - well dem ah cause di pain
A promise is a comfort to di fools in vain

'Reggae Ambassada' [MAD!]

I wish I could fly away and never return
When babylon is gonna gimme mi turn
Brimston, lava, hotta fyah will burn, burn, burn!
I am a revolutionist
Upon di microphone mi form it and spit lyrics
Fully loaded, gun cocked, I am ballistic
And when I'm on di road -
Rough and ready inna stickshift
Automatically top a di statistics
Rastafari dun tell yuh natural is di mystic
I dawta in Christ but mi nah deal wid crucifix
I am well fixed
Dem seh mi badda, but mi first upon di hitlist

Don't call me local
I'm internationally blessed wid my vocal
I tell you this
Don't call me - no local artist
While I'm an ambassada in dis Reggae business
Don't call me local
I'm internationally blessed wid my vocal
I tell you this
Don't call me - no local artist
I am a ambassada in dis Dancehall business

Longtime inna di business
Di battle it hard but not for the switftest
I got di endurance
Some say I've got di fitness
Studio, live shows, mi fans are di witness
Dem love mi, dem greet mi wid hugs and kisses
My interest, is to give it to di masses
Tell dem bout truths, equal rights and justice
Hail The King of Kings who sit inna di highest
Inna di highest"


  1. I love Queen Omega! Was just listening to her earlier while farming.


    Big big tune :)

  3. Thanks ! Big respect for Queen Omega !

  4. Dear Achis! To the tune 'Jah Dawta' do you have full lyrics too?Or do you have any idea where can I get it?
    Thx :Peter Brada

  5. Dear Achis! To the tune 'Jah Dawta' do you have full lyrics too?Or do you have any idea where can I get it?
    Thx :Peter Brada