Monday, October 1, 2012

Coming Soon #56.5: The Double Up!

"One Love, One Life" by Beres Hammond [VP Records]

Disc 1
1. No Candle Light
2. Can't Waste No Time
3. In My Arms
4. Crazy Dream
5. Lonely Fellow
6. My Life
7. Keep Me Warm
8. More Time
9. Shouldn't Be
10. The Song

Disc 2
1. Still Searching
2. Don't You Feel Like Dancing
3. One Love, One Life
4. Can't Make Blood Outta Stone
5. You Stand Alone
6. Not Made of Steel
7. Family
8. The Truth Will Live On
9. Prime Time
10. I Humble Myself

Okay so, I held off on this one from the last time because I was going to do an own post, but thankfully there's even more to mention now. The reigning World's Coolest Man, Beres Hammond, is set to reach shortly with his brand new album and first in more than four years, the potentially AMAZING and guaranteed SPECTACULAR "One Love, One Life" from VP Records. The album comes with a bit of an 'inherent' twist as, checking in at twenty tracks, it is sprawled across a couple of discs and two discs worth of new[ish] material from the great vocalist may just make someone's year and yes, my name is "someone's" (and so is yours). Really, really excellent output is expected… You know what…? You don't need me to tell about this album. It's a Beres Hammond album - don't be stupid. Buy it!

Potential Rating: 4.999999999/5
2CD + Digital
Releases on November 13

"Strictly The Best Vols. 46 & 47" [VP Records]

Next, if you haven't noticed it is almost November which means that… it means that it's almost November and it also means that it's nearly time for one of Reggae's most popular and populous flagship series to return, "Strictly The Best". This year we're on 46 & 47 and while the trend of the series is essentially intact, there is a twist here as well. As always, the even number of the series features the slower pieces - the Lover's Rock and Reggae and this year we find the likes of the aforementioned Mr. Hammond, the returning Morgan Heritage, Freddie McGregor, Tarrus Riley and Etana headlining, while the odd number deals with the Dancehall and more 'crossover' type of sets and for its part, #47 is bringing in Mr. Vegas, Aidonia, Tommy Lee and Sean Paul w/Kelly Rowland, formerly of Destiny's Child.

ALSO, the "twist" here is that both come with second discs which follow the categorizing as well (VP has to do something with that catalog after all). So you'll find a VERY interesting mix on the second disc in both cases. They both feature rather odd and almost random-looking "classic hits". A good idea by VP Records I would say - something to liven up "StB", although it very likely will not need the help. 

2CD + Digital
Releases on November 13

"Marcia Griffiths & Friends" [VP Records]

And finally we revisit someone who we had the fortune of stumbling across just yesterday on the Moving Riddim album, the legendary Marcia Griffiths who is bringing an album which has… a twist, and a bit of history as well, on a couple of different levels, "Marcia Griffiths & Friends". Okay first of all, this album, itself, actually released back in February as an exclusively Japanese release. Secondly, a loooooooooong time ago the singer also had an album named "Marcia Griffiths & Friends" as well, so what we're looking at now is really the third releasing of this piece. Now unleashed to the rest of the world, the album has changed as it has gone from an eighteen piece collection and is now THIRTY-EIGHT songs spread across two discs, featuring Griffiths singing alongside everyone who has ever recorded a Reggae song, EVER. Definitely one for the collectors and those with good common sense (biggup Black Am I). 

2CD + Digital
Releases on October 30

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