Tuesday, October 30, 2012

What I'm Listening To: November

'Trees' featuring NiyoRah by Ras Batch [I Grade Records - 2012] 

There've been a few very solid albums which have found their respective ways off of my players this year (I keep telling you people I'm not that bright) (as if you needed more of an example of that than me posting what I'm listening to in November in October) (I digress), but I'm happy to say that one of the pieces which has had no such difficulty in keeping my attention has been the brilliant "Know Thyself" from the equally sagacious Ras Batch. That album, I most certainly do still listen to quite often and, as of late, one of the major sticking points for me has been the album's second official single, 'Trees', which features Batch alongside fellow VI star NiyoRah. This composition was an excellent one espousing the wonders of ganja which has always been one of the primary musical goals of Ras Batch throughout his career and a subject which he has hit as hard as just about anyone in the music today. So definitely have a listen if you haven't and show even more 'brain-management' and pick up "Know Thyself" today. Actually right now would be a pretty good time to do that. 

"What's Next" by Hornsman Coyote [Karrot Kommando - 2008]

I have to say that the name Hornsman Coyote is one which really hadn't popped up much on my radars up until maybe a few weeks ago when the Serbian artist dropped a big tune called 'Belly of The Beast' which featured him alongside veteran chanter, Jah Mason. Of course I wasn't satisfied with just that (I'm never satisfied) (ever), so I kept going back to learn more of the Coyote and what I found was this album, "What's Next", which came through back in 2008 (a year which may or may not have actually existed). I'm still playing with this one but I do think that there is something there. The sound is pretty hard to categorize and identify, but again, while I'm still working on it (and may be for a very loooooooooong time), I do think that this one has some type of extending quality. 

CD [I THINK] + Digital 
"Mété'y En Tè" by Mystikal Heights [Money Tree Entertainment]

Biggup Bredz for stumbling across this one from a little while ago (and then apparently erasing it when I left it for him), but Mystikal Heights from out of Madnina (I think he was originally from St. Lucia), is up with a two track EP by the name of 'Mété'y En Tè', which features the title track, completely new to me and, more importantly, 'Enmen La Vi', which was a big golden bar of a tune from a few years back. That song is BEAUTIFUL and it, alone, draws my interest to this set and if you hear it, it'll do the same for you. Biggup Mystikal Heights too. I've never known him to be very active, but almost every time he brings something, it's very big material and this piece is certainly no exception. 

"Grim Reaper EP" by Tommy Lee [UIM Music] 

Definitely a credit goes to the hyper-colourful Tommy Lee for grabbing my attention and steering it back into the direction of current Dancehall, consistently, to do something besides hearing the latest from Agent Sasco, Aidonia and a few others. For a whole heap of reasons, some of which aren't entirely musical (although they are, kind of), Lee has become one of the most discussed and popular artists of 2012. I still don't quite know what to make of him, but in the arena of 'musical theatre', it's been a few minutes from since the Dancehall has seen something like Tommy Lee and his presence - I have no problem with at all. While a full album may not be far off (then again, it may be) (biggup Aidonia), to date, the biggest and best compilation you can get of his work is on the nine tracked "Grim Reaper" EP which includes a great deal of the DJ's most well known tunes, including 'Psycho', 'Goat Head' and, of course, 'Uncle Demon'. It's also a slight step ahead of the Tad's release, "Psycho".  So check out definitely the most interesting entry in the Dancehall in a long time, Tommy Lee. 

Bounty Killer

Lastly this month (next month) (WHAT!), definitely I've been listening to a ton of Bounty Killer which has unseated just as much Bunji Garlin on my workout playlists recently. I haven't been necessarily moody with anything (besides me, of course), but when you're fucking up in life and you need someone to yell at you just a bit (preferably someone who doesn't know you and isn't in your face at the time), definitely no greater musical kick in the ass exists than the Killer and especially from back a few years. Oh and how fucked up is it that we've now passed the mark - It's more than a decade from Bounty's last studio album. 


  1. You know, I was thinking of asking if you liked Tommy Lee. I can't quite make up my mind - he's not the most skillful and his voice is so odd (but that's part of the appeal really). I wouldn't mind a full-length album with some of his bigger singles on it... right now I just have a haphazard collection in iTunes.

    That fact about Bounty is COMPLETELY fucked up. I thought we might be seeing a new direction and maybe a new album after he put out "Thine Will Be Done," but nothing came of it.

  2. You have it exactly Dale Cooper. Definitely not the most talented, but most of the interest is in other things besides his skills yeah.