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Check It #43: This Is Check It

Rub A Dub Market Riddim [IrieVibrations Records]

Back at work this week is the well esteemed IrieVibrations Records from out of Austria who is now giving a full album to what is, in my opinion, one of their greatest creations to date, the Rub A Dub Market Riddim. This piece likely originally came to your attention, as it to did mine, when it starred as the carrying vehicle to the riddim title and then title track for Luciano's FINE 2011 album of the same name, which was not only one of the best albums of last year (rated #2 by yours truly), but also one of the finest albums of the entire career of the legendary singer (same song also had the single best verse I heard last year - its first). The lively Roots set is now brought back and passed around to a very nice group of well talented vocalists. Joining 'The Messenjah' are the likes of Perfect Giddimani who continues his wonderful streak as of late, and speaking of streaking, also voicing the Rub A Dub Market are both Kabaka Pyramid (dear IrieVibrations: There's a wonderful singer from out of Germany - her name is Sara Lugo) and Ras Muhamad who we run into on the same riddim outside of Oneness Records for the very first time (biggup Oneness). Also present is the Ward, alongside Tifa, rather surprisingly and completely wonderfully, VI Reggae standout, NiyoRah and a few others as well. I have yet to hear the full set, but CLEARLY this one is a winner. You can pick it up before we do and see for yourself, but for something I have yet to hear fully, it has my fullest possible recommendation. 

"I Sound Is From Creation" by Prezident Brown & Axx Of Jahpostles [Tad's Records]

For some reason, I do not know why exactly, I just have the feeling that this next album for this post, "I Sound Is From Creation" by BIG veteran Prezident Brown and the Axx Of Jahpostles, has been on its way for a loooooooooong time. I just think I remember hearing about it (and seeing that cover) a really long time back, but regardless of that it's now here, courtesy of Tad's Records. I've never been the biggest fan of Brown's, but I he's just someone who you HAVE to give his respect to because he's spent such a long and esteemed career earning it, so I am sure to have a listen when he brings forth something new. Interestingly here, however, "I Sound Is From Creation" is (I THINK) his first album from 2009's very well received "Common Prosperity" set, with which it shares quite a few songs - seven by my last (and almost surely incorrect) count which is half of its songs altogether. So definitely give a look to the new album, but if you did pick up the last one (and you did) make sure you track down some clips and hear for yourself, particularly if you bought the digital version. 

CD + Digital 
"This Is Irie Love" by Irie Love [Irie Aloha Records] 

Biggup Bredz for (…. pretty much everything) (currently big him up for fighting a flu) (he sounded like an old truck) passing this one on a little while back - the debut FULL album from enchanting Hawaiian songstress, Irie Love. I hadn't heard much from the singer in some time and it seems like from a really long time ago that she dropped "Ehiku", her debut EP (actually it was 2008). Unsurprisingly, most of the new album falls somewhere into the arena of Lover's Rock music, which is Irie's specialty and she's excellent at it. If you're unfamiliar, definitely think of someone like Alaine and, with a bit of her own uniqueness, of course, Irie Love is something like that. She also has an absolutely fantastic voice. Joining her on “This Is Irie Love" (a fantastic name, song and artist), are fellow Hawaiian artist, Fiji, and Peetah Morgan also links with the former Dada Son signee. 

CD + Digital
The Dead End Riddim [Markus Records]

Well in the midst of having a fine 2012 (ultimately highlighted by the MASSIVE 'Dem A Pree' combination of Bounty Killer and I-Octane), Markus Records is back with something a little different… but not really. The Dead End Riddim is basically more of the same ULTRA hype Dancehall Markus Records have been up to for the past year or so and have been damn successful with. It all should continue because, as a track, the DE is pretty impressive. Enlisted to deal with the vocals are the usual suspects (minus Aidonia, of course), Bounty Killer w/Iyara, Ele, Flexxx, Kiprich, Black Ryno and the reigning world's angriest man Einstein. This is a rather easy recommendation: If you've liked the output of this label to date, you're almost sure to love the Dead End Riddim (excellent workout music). 

The Addicted Riddim [Madrigal Musique] 

The Royal Flush Riddim for a year or two ago really helped to ensure that I wouldn't be very likely  to forget the name Madrigal Musique (and I didn't) from out of France, so when I saw the name attached to a new piece, the Addiction Riddim, I thought that they'd might have another big riddim - and I was right (for the first time EVER!). Not that it's going to be declared Riddim of The Year by anyone, or anything like that, but the Addicted is just a very solid piece and that is, apparently, what we can just expect from out of MM. Starring here are Natty King (did they misspell 'smoking' intentionally???), the always interesting and colourful Wildlife, Prophecy Izis and Black Warrior, who was the biggest standout, if I recall correctly, on the Royal Flush. 

The Thank You Riddim [Cyclone J-Vibe] 

Cyclone from out of The Bahamas have also been having a nice 2012 and, most recently, they've been dropping a few singles from their latest venture, the lovely Thank You Riddim. GORGEOUS! Besides the riddim itself, definitely the most attractive thing about the Thank You is what's going on with its artist roster. Cyclone struck up with the 3 J's as the burgeoning Jah Nyne, the underrated Jah Hem and Reggae star Jah Cure all reach the track with big tunes. Definitely give this one a listen and also check out the sweet 'Baby I Love You' from the eye MEAL that is Raquel Oliver. 

The Paradise & Full Throttle Riddims [Precision Productions]

FLAMING Soca outfit, Precision Productions, continues to enjoy their own fine year this year by introducing two more of their creations to the digital side, the Paradise and the Full Throttle. The Paradise, as its title and cover would suggest, is more of a bouncy and Groovy experience and it's basically completely new to my ears - it's being aimed at the 2013 season. I really like it and what PP has done with it as well as they've placed big names such as Machel Montano, Nadia Batson, Teddyson John, Farmer Nappy and Kerwin Du Bois alongside an up and comer to keep an eye on in Beverly S. It's really a nice track in my opinion. For its  part, the Full Throttle is far more familiar and this is actually the expanded digital release with the original three set piece coming through a few months back. That trio of songs are now joined by another trio and here it is. The big names are here as well with Bunji Garlin, the walking divinity that is Destra Garcia and Alison Hinds alongside Mr. Dale all making appearances. 

'Natural Thing' by Lion D [Bizzarri Records] 

Remember Lion D??? It's been awhile from the last time that we heard from the 'Burnin' Melody', but he's back with a cool new single via  the wonderful people at Bizzarri Records (as usual and biggup Bizzarri) 'Natural Thing'. The song, itself, is a very nice tune and we've spent a long time on this blog speaking on the talents of Lion D and I haven't heard much from him as of late, but I'm still damn impressed. The digital set actually features the song in both a Dancehall original piece with a slightly leaned back Reggae Remix as well. Check it out. 

'18 & Over' by Lutan Fyah [Must Rich Records] 

'18 & Over' was a fairly popular single and damn poignant and important from Achis Reggae favourite, Lutan Fyah via Must Rich Records, from just a little while back and it now comes through as an official single. Very unfortunate that such a song is a necessity, but it is and continues to be today and you can't find too many artists who can put it all together with words as well as Lutan Fyah. 

Midnite [Rastar Records]

And lastly is somewhat of an oddity (which we had to include because… ten is a nice big and round number) as the relatively restless Rastar Records rather randomly releases a roll of really recognizable records (WHAT!) from Midnite… we just don't know why. In the group you'll find title tracks from Rastar albums like, 'To Mene', 'Ina Now' and 'Children Of Jah'. We've counted eight in all and it just kind of seems that Rastar is just trying to keep things going until the next Midnite album, which is, as we told you last time, already loaded and ready to go as they'll soon deliver the dubbed out version of "Children Of Jah", later this month. Also, they've done similar things for Luciano, Chezidek and Junior Reid. 

{Note: The digital release of 'Supplication To H.I.M.' is actually another song from that same album called 'A Good Word'}

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