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Coming Soon #57: Vibes & Love

Coming Soon
"Children Of Jah In Dub" by Midnite [Rastar Records]

First up this week - surely you didn't think that Midnite was satisfied with just releasing a couple of albums in a single calendar year… because they weren't. Up next for Vaughn Benjamin and co. is a dubbed out version of their most recent studio release, the very well received "Children of Jah", which is an album that apparently took a bit of time to grow on people but recently has been getting a bit more in the way of 'retrospective attention' (unlike the "In Awe" album from earlier this year, which remains one of my favourite albums of 2012 despite its lack of attention). Of course, the album, just like its original form, comes courtesy of the always active Rastar Records and I was actually somewhat surprised to see that this was the very first time that the label had done a Midnite in Dub album, although this piece will become the fourth of its kind following, most recently the Dub of the "Standing Ground" album via Fifth Son Records from late 2010. As usual - it is a Midnite album, which guarantees that a certain group of people (and I still maintain that Midnite has, easily, THE most passionate fans in all of Reggae music) are really having a hard time waiting for this one and while I am not one of them, I'll definitely be picking it up when it releases.

Releases soon
CD  + Digital [I THINK]
"Jah Is The Only King" by Sadiki [Skinny Bwoy Records]

Veteran vocalist Sadiki is set to come return with a much anticipated new album later this month, the spiritually guided "Jah Is The Only King" on his very own Skinny Bwoy Records imprint. Sadiki is an artist who I don't consistently check for enough, so he may have very well been up to a great deal from since the last time I noticed, which would have been on his fine 2010 album, "Lifeline", but I notice that, just like in the case of that album, anytime I do listen to his work, the results are VERY strong and I'm anticipating nothing less on the new album. Typically known as a Lover's Rock singer, it's interesting that this album comes through in this way (although much of it is still Lover's Rock), but apparently he's done quite well because that title track is ABSOLUTELY MASSIVE! So be sure to pick up Sadiki's "Jah Is The Only King" when it drops in a couple of weeks.

Potential Rating: 4.35/5
Releases on November 20
CD + Digital 
"Mental War" by Uwe Banton [Rasta Yard Records/Al.Ta.Fa.An.]

Next we have an album from an artist I've always really meant to pay more attention to than I have in the past, veteran Uwe Banton from out of Germany, who brings forth his latest creation, "Mental War". Not very long ago at all the chanter presented what I would assume was the album's first single, 'Work', alongside the incomparable Mikey General, which was a very solid tune produced by the mighty Al.Ta.Fa.An. label who also, apparently, works on a great deal of the entire album. The title track of this album also features Luciano, and Uwe Banton is doing big things. I have a really good feeling about this album so join me and pick it up.

Potential Rating: 4.35/5
Releases on November 23
CD + Digital
"Love Therapy" by Lyricson [Music Star Line/RKF Productions]

It's three albums in three years from the still SUPREMELY talented Lyricson as the Afrikan born artist follows up on 2011's… very, very interesting (almost too interesting) "Fearless") album with a project set to go in an entirely different direction, "Love Therapy". Following up on an album which was pretty angry and different from what we were used to hearing from Lyricson (and liked), he's now, apparently, fallen in love and is making an album to celebrate the occasion as he continues to showcase his versatility. The album appears to be more on the R&B side or maybe 'neo-Lover's Rock' is a better term, so I wouldn't tell you to expect something very Sadiki-ish on "Love Therapy", despite its title. I was really happy to see the (misspelled) name of the very interesting Shalli from out of Canada involved with this one as well. Love to see Shalli doing more things and she's extremely talented and a future star in my opinion. I'm still reserving judgment on this one, however, because I have so many feelings about it (in all kind of different directions), but I do think I'll have a listen when I can.

Potential Rating: Do not know!
Releases on December 3
CD [I THINK] + Digital
"Maximum Sound 2012" [Maximum Sound]

Frenchie and co. at Maximum Sound are back with (I THINK) the second installment of their self titled annual compilation, which goes an excellent route of recapping exactly what the label was up to in the past twelve months or so and ties everything together in a single release. MS is consistently one of the highest quality imprints on the scene today so, even in theory, such an album is a big deal and judging by the way this one plays out, it’s not going to disappoint a single fan. Names like Tarrus Riley [3x], Ce'Cile [twice], Sizzla Kalonji, Mr. Vegas, Agent Sasco and Luciano appear on "Maximum Sound 2012" which is comprised of various tracks across a quartet of riddims - the Rude Boy Be Nice, Leggo Di Riddim, the Dance Ruler and my personal favourite from Maximum Sound in 2012, the Most Royal Riddim ["elevate your mind! CHANT RASTAFARI!"]. Besides making good music, specifically, Maximum Sound has a history of doing excellent compilations and you shouldn't at all be surprised if this one ends up being one of the finest of 2012 altogether.

Potential Rating: 4.65/5
Releases on 19
The Adam & Eve Riddim [Digital B]

And finally coming soon this week is the latest from the legendary Bobby Digital, which is a reworking of a classic piece, the Adam & Eve Riddim. The part where I said "Bobby Digital" pretty much guaranteed the high quality of this one and when you throw in Tarrus Riley, Lutan Fyah, Konshens and Cali P (who is reportedly recording a full album for the esteemed maestro as well), this becomes probably the easiest piece to register that  you'll see in this post today.

Releases soon
In Stores Now
"Broken Vessel" by George Nooks [Tad's Records]

Veteran George Nooks is definitely one of the most quintessential vocalists that Reggae music has ever seen and while I've surely been someone who has never given him the attention that I should have been, he recently gave me (and probably you) an excellent reason to do just that as the singer delivered his brand new and self-produced album through Tad's Records, "Broken Vessel". This album features more of the usual from Nooks in the form of sweet singing Lover's Rock, Roots and Gospel. You can also expect some nice remakes (such as 'Rest Your Love On Me') and just generally nice music. I may not be his biggest fan (I'm not), but it takes only someone with even remotely functioning ears to realize how nice George Nooks music and I do plan to pick up the new album. You can beat me to it, however, by checking "Broken Vessel" by George Nooks right now. Why wait???

CD + Digital
{Note: "Broken Vessel" CD releases on November 20}
The Microwave Riddim [Pure Music Productions]

I'd actually meant to mention this, the latest (I think it's still the latest) official piece from Delly Ranx and his Pure Music Productions imprint, the Microwave Riddim, a few times back, but we get to eventually, because it's well worth the look. Still fresh from his EXCELLENT 2012 album, "The Next Chapter", Delly continues what is a fine 2012 for the artist with this more uptempo Dancehall piece (with the excellent cover art). Joining Delly (who, surprisingly, only had one tune on the Microwave), is Sizzla Kalonji who has a pair of tunes (the second, 'Crush Dem' is the better of the two), Briggy Benz, Baby Boom:

"Delly Ranx, hand mi di fyah, mek mi light it
And mi no care if dem well waan fi fight it
Like Sellotape well you know dem two-sided
Football dem ah play - fi Badmind United!"

(MAD!) Xyclone and Thriller U who has, by far, the most interesting idea to emerge on the Microwave Riddim.

The Wireless Riddim [Hemp Higher Productions]

Riga and Cali P remain inspired on the latest creation of the former and Hemp Higher Productions imprint, the well attention-grabbing Wireless Riddim. Riga, as usual, presents a very high-powered slightly Hip-Hop geared Dancehall track and, while I can't quite rank this one just yet compared to his previous work, what I will tell you is that, within in its brevity (four vocal tracks), it does manage to pull some very fine performances. None are finer than 'Trouble Coming At Me' from the wicked Jahmiel, but also doing quite well are Di Govanah, Randy Valentine and, of course, Cali P. If you have enjoyed HH's work, which includes Cali P's excellent 2011 album, "Unstoppable", there's almost no way you won't like this one. Make me correct and see for yourself when you check the Wireless Riddim today.

The Good Formula Riddim [I Strong Records]

I thought I'd mention the Good Formula Riddim from I Strong Records, quickly, even though I'm not completely in love with it (it's pretty good) based on a single tune. 'Tek A Draw' by Busy Signal is MADNESS in everyway! Joining Busy are General Degree and Spice, both of whom do very well as usual and there you go.

"Tchad Heavy Character" by Sista Tchad [L'Overground Productions] 

The always welcomed Sista Tchad from out of Gwada is up next with what I think is her debut album (doesn't it seem like Sista Tchad has been around from like the 1940's???), "Tchad Heavy Character", another album we meant to mention from a while back. This album, just like its star, is just FUN. Tchad definitely brings the substance as well, but the lasting impression is just an album making a very good time, which is usually what you're going to have when Sista Tchad in on board with a project. Highlights include the very clever 'Welcome 2 Dawga',  previous single 'Sa Nou Vle', the Socafied 'Soukoue Dada', 'Fidelite', 'Es En Ni To' and several others. It won't (didn't) get that type of attention and you didn't expect it to, but "Tchad Heavy Character" is pretty much an excellent album. 

CD + Digital
"Vibes Love Revolution" by Fear Nuttin Band [BoomBlaze Records]

And finally is a new album from a band that I know next to nothing about, outside of appearing on an old episode of "D&A" (biggup Josh) on a tune alongside Bushman, The Fear Nuttin Band, who now give us the wonderfully titled "Vibes Love Revolution". They've apparently released multiple albums (this may actually be their fifth now) and, in listening through some of the clips, you can very much tell that they know what they're doing and are skilled musicians. HOWEVER, you're reading about them now here because someone in the FNB found the walking password which is sure to get our attention every time - SARA LUGO - whose opulence of wonderful magicalness flows all over the title track of this album, as it does on every other song she sings all of the time. So biggup the Fear Nuttin Band and check out their new album. I'm tired. Going to take a nap. 

CD [I THINK] + Digital 

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