Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Check It #45.5: LOVE!

The Worldwide Love Riddim [Flash Hit Records] 

Something didn't make the list yesterday, but definitely deserves to be mentioned (so it gets its own post and you’ll see why in a second), is the brand new creation via Flash Hit Records, the Worldwide Love Riddim. I think we first had a listen to the French based label just a few months back when they dropped the fine Make It Gwan Riddim (which had the cover where artists were drawn on and, as I've said in the past, anytime you get down to drawing people, you have my complete attention) and apparently they weren't content to ride out the year and, like seemingly everyone else, is trying to grab a look for riddim album of the year very late in 2012. 
The Make It Gwan Riddim [In stores now]
Good for them. 

Besides being gorgeous, the WwL Riddim has a roster of artists which is… almost entirely too good. The scalding Kabaka Pyramid (more on him tomorrow or… whenever I finish writing that thing) opens up a set which also includes Pressure Busspipe (might hear from him tomorrow too), Maikal X (maybe him too!) (but not likely), Million Stylez, JAH MARNYAH [!], Skarra Mucci, Raphael, YT and others. Oh and there's also a song on the WwL (what a fantastic abbreviation!) called 'Smile of A Child' which is by someone we may or may not have mentioned once or twice along the way, it's the Familiar Stranger, SARA LUGO! WHAT!

All of that means that I should probably go ahead and review this one (biggup Bredz) and I probably will, But don't wait for me, pick up the Worldwide Love Riddim from Flash Hit Records today. As a matter of fact, just do it right now. Stop reading this and buy it. Go on. 

In stores right now

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