Friday, January 4, 2013

Coming Soon: "Better Tomorrow" by Etana

"Better Tomorrow" by Etana [VP Records]

1. 'Spoken Soul'
2. 'Queen'
3. 'Reggae'
4. 'Beautiful Day'
5. 'All I Need'
6. 'Whole New World'
7. '4 Play 2 Love [Start Over]'
8. 'Silly'
9. 'Til You Get Old'
10. 'The Prayer'
11. 'Strongest'
12. 'Be OK' (Interlude)
13. 'Smile'
14. 'Better Tomorrow'

If her history is any indication (and it should be), then the final cover, tracklist and information is finally set for the early favourite for 2013's Album of The Year, as Reggae superstar, Etana, is set to return with her much anticipated third studio album, "Better Tomorrow", in just a few short weeks. Her previous two albums, 2008's "The Strong One" and "Free Expressions" (BIG tune from that album I'm listening to constantly these days called 'War') from three years later were, at least to my opinion, the best Reggae albums of their respective years and, needless to say (yet I'm saying it anyway), outstanding projects altogether. Like its two elder 'siblings', "Better Tomorrow" comes via VP Records and features Etana working alongside some of the biggest names in the genre, including Shane Brown. The fourteen track set also received a very nice preview when VP, as has become their trend over the past couple of years or so, released a wonderful EP for the project, "Reggae", in November, which would feature three songs from the final tracklist, 'Better Tomorrow', '4 Play 2 Love' and obviously 'Reggae' (which was one of the finest songs from anyone in 2012).  
"The Strong One" [2008] & "Free Expressions" [2011]
Reportedly the new album will live up very much to the name of its pre-EP as "Better Tomorrow" is to feature authentic, Roots Reggae music which was recorded in live studio sessions. In her still relatively young career, Etana has clearly shown herself to be amongst the very best album artists in the recent history of Reggae music, so there is absolutely NO WAY "Better Tomorrow" won't be a top notch project and, again, if it ends up being at the top, it would come as no surprise either. I already like how this album is being presented. As you can see (hopefully they're in here somewhere), along with making excellent music, she's always looked good on her album covers as well. Etana is... extremely attractive and the cover for the new album, and the EP, look very much like more traditional R&B or Soul pieces and the fact the music on them is pure Reggae is a very interesting contrast in my opinion and a great way to display her music to the masses.
"Reggae" EP [2012]

You can see it and hear it for yourself when Etana's "Better Tomorrow" reaches stores on CD and digital formats on February 18. Time to get excited. 

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