Thursday, March 21, 2013

Coming Soon #62: Before "The Messiah"

"Bring Back The Vibes" by Lion D [Bizzarri Records]

BOOM! Up first this week is a really, REALLY big deal as WICKED UK born chanter now from out of Italy, Lion D, the Burnin Melody, is back again with his much anticipated followup to the best album I heard in all of 2009 and a bonafide modern classic, "The Burnin Melody", "Bring Back The Vibes". Once again the artist links up with Bizzarri Records to bring the set to fruition and, also once again, I'm DAMN looking forward to it (even though I already have it and am currently listening to it) [BOOM!]. One of the biggest attractions to the Lion when I first heard him was this brilliantly organic and natural approach which worked so well for him four years ago. This time around, he's also brought a bit of help with him as the likes of Ras Tewelde, Skarra Mucci, UK star Gappy Ranks and others appear on "Bring Back The Vibes". Definitely have an excellent feeling about this one and you know you can expect a big review sometime next week. BOOM AGAIN! 

Releases on March 29
CD + Digital 
"Pariah In Transit" by Taj Weekes & Adowa [Jatta Records]

The exceedingly popular Taj Weekes & Adowa from out of St. Lucia are in next with their latest creation and the first of two live albums on today's post, "Pariah In Transit". Billed as their first live set (although there is an older [2008] from the Taos Solar Music Festival), the album is reportedly set to be featured as a compilation from various performances of the band's, over a period of time. Also, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the album will also go to charity (which has always been of importance to Weekes). Taj Weekes & Adowa have become very popular throughout the years and although I've never been their biggest fan, something tells me that now is a good time to get on board. Join me and pick up "Pariah In Transit" when it reaches. 

Releases on April 9
CD + Digital [I THINK]
"Giving Praises {Live}" by Sanchez [Jasfar Records]

Also soon to be taking the live route is legendary vocalist, Sanchez, who returns with his own new set, "Giving Praises", which was recorded and MIXED in a church, reportedly. If that doesn't let you know that this is a Gospel album (get yourself some good help) - it is. It has always been Sanchez' style to make more traditional Gospel music and, at times, to connect it with Reggae and while you aren't likely to find much of that in this case, "Giving Praises" does contain a live rendition of 'Never Dis Di Man'. If you know Sanchez, however, you full know what to expect from this set and you don't figure to be disappointed either. 

Releases on April 16
CD [I THINK] + Digital
"Dredlocks Time" by Army [382 Music]

A really excellent piece of news is next because also releasing a brand new album is the MIGHTY veteran Army from out of St. Croix, with "Dredlocks Time", his first album in about five years or so. I was REALLY happy to see this one jump up and although I still know very little about it (and it releases in about a week), I'm well looking forward to it. In the past, Army has worked alongside some of the best from out of the Virgin Islands and I would figure that to be the case here as well as the early listens through the album sound exquisite and, again, you can expect a big review when I get my hands on it. 

Releases on March 30
CD [I THINK] + Digital  
"Reggae Music Will Mad Unu" by Captain Sinbad [Maximum Sound]

Loooooooong time from last anyone has heard the name Captain Sinbad associated with some type of new album (his music actually releases quite often, but it's almost always re-releases), but leave it to Frenchie and co. at Maximum Sound to bring back the legend with a big new album, "Reggae Music Will Mad Unu". Unsurprisingly, the vibes here seem to come screaming from out of the late 1970's/early 1980's (right down to the cover) and old school Dancehall heads get ready to rejoice! I have a really good feeling about this set with its full-on delightful vintage vibes and you cannot possibly have any even remotely decent reason not to pick it up. 

Releases on April 15
Digital + Vinyl 
The Answer Riddim [Fat Eyes Productions]

Bulby and company at Fat Eyes Productions are in next with a glowing reworking of the old Answer Riddim . That, alone, should be more than enough to cement your interest (and it probably was, unless you don't recall which was the Answer) but, as is the case on any track, the real story here is the wonderful cast of vocalists assembled to voice the track. Bugle, Lutan FyahSpectacular, Delly Ranx, Ele and Junior Reid all make solid appearances here as does the man of the moment, Sizzla Kalonji who chimes in with 'Badness A Nuh Play Thing'. A very nice set. 

Releases on March 26
The No Pwoblem Riddim [One Time Studio]

No Pwoblem Riddim mix

One Time Studio from out Gwada is also going up this week with their own GORGEOUS Roots Reggae composition, the No Pwoblem Riddim. I was really impressed, not only be the vibes here, but the very colourful line-up OTS has brought together to voice the track. It is easily one of the most interesting of the young year. Of most interest is definitely ‘Mèsi Pou La Vi', which actually brings together Zebulun, Khari Kill (big album, "Born To Rule", in stores now) and Jah Bami (Guyana and Trinidad link on a Kreyol track), but also grabbing a major attention is a combination featuring Daweed alongside the amazing Pearle Lama and the brilliant Tiwony. Straïka also appears, as does Turbulence, Jah Defender, the burgeoning King-I and the WICKED Cali P as well. Very well done by One Time Studio who is DEMANDING your attentions in early 2013. 

Releases on March 27 
"Voices of Reggae" [Tad's Records] 

And finally coming soon this week is a very interesting compilation from the always active people at Tad's Records, "Voices of Reggae". There's absolutely nothing here which is a MUST have piece of music, but as a whole, it is a very fine set which features (at least primarily) some of the most excellent Reggae vocalists of the past few years. Shining the brightest are the likes of Jah Cure, Natty King, Richie Spice, Chezidek and Romain Virgo (with 'Wanna Go Home '). Also finding a space on the album are both Buju Banton and I-Octane. Again, you don't "need" this album, but I do think it is a pretty good idea.

Releases on March 26

In Stores Now 
"New Name" by Jah9 [RoryStoneLove Records]

'New Name'

Definitely wanted to remind about what seems to be a favourite for Album of The Year thus far for 2013, the MAMMOTH "New Name" from Jah9, which released just a few weeks back now. The album is amazing, I'd almost go to the point of calling a 'lyrical landmark' at this point and is well a future classic. Also, it seems to be spreading soon, so if you were unable to get it on certain sites, you may want to check again next week. Absolutely mandatory. 

CD + Digital
The Groupie Luv Riddim [Daseca Productions]

It's definitely been more than a minute from last we talked about a release from Daseca, but they've done quite well with their most recent delivery, the sterling and FUN Groupie Luv Riddim. Perhaps somewhat Poppish and wholly BRIGHT, the Groupie Luv is damn hard to forget and even harder to get out of your head once it is in there. It also gets in the collective heads of and behind the collective vocals of Demarco, Konshens, Christopher Martin, Alaine alongside Bugle and more. Not bad at all. 

The Hard Rock Riddim [Misik Muzik]

Grrrr! Also showing up recently was SukuWard 21 with the KNOCKING Hard Rock Riddim for Misik Muzik. If you trace back the Ward's vault, you'll find some MADNESS (at the head of them all, of course, would be the Bellyas) and I'm tempted to rate the Hard Rock alongside some of their finest work and certainly that's accurate as far as recent years. This thing is heavy, authentic and hardcore Dancehall music and it is making its case for one of the best Dancehall riddims of the year thus far and, to my opinion, will be hard to best. Ward 21 also pulls together not only a strong group of vocalists, but a fitting one for the moment. Bounty Killer leads a pack which also includes the likes of Lady Saw, Ele, Wayne Wonder, Frisco Kid, Ward 21 themselves and others.  

The Harp Riddim [RBZ Records]

And finally this week we take a look at the latest from De Red Boyz, from out of Barbados, the SWEET Harp Riddim. In only four vocals (and a clean version), the track manages to make a nice impact. Anthony B checks in with 'Love Come Down', while Hezron (2013 album???) turns in my favourite tune on the riddim, 'Fly'. Our old friend, Buggy Nhakente, does very well with 'Rasta Love' and CLASS in human form, Maxi Priest, goes on 'Holiday'. Although I don't know them to be as active as they once were, DRB make excellent music and the Harp is clearly no exception. 



  1. Lion D & Army albums are big news.

    Yet, a new Captain Sinbad album is the baddest. That's as awesome as I could imagine a new Cornel Campbell or Papa Tullo album would be. My favorites, time to celebrate!

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