Friday, March 8, 2013

Coming Soon: "The Order of Melchezidek" by Chezidek

"The Order of Melchezidek" by Chezidek [JahSolidRock]

1. 'All My Life'
2. 'All My Life' Version
3. 'Faya Pon Dem'
4. 'Search and You Will Find'
5. 'Rain Come Falling'
6. 'Jah In Our Heart'
7. 'Tumbling Down'
8. 'One Family'
9. 'Plant A Tree'
10. 'Praises To Jah'
11. 'Hail Up the Roots'
12. 'Rootical Reprise' 

Big, BIG news today as we are now about a month and a half away from a potentially HUGE forthcoming set. "The Order of Melchezidek", by veteran vocalist, Chezidek. The album is the direct followup to what is likely the singer's finest album to date, "Judgement Time" from 2010. Like that set, production here comes via the very well respected JahSolidRock imprint, which now returns with 2013 well underway to push a project which will hopefully take us back to its remarkable predecessor.  
"Judgement Time" [2010]
One of the greatest things about "Judgement Time", was its off-the-scale sonic appeal. I've heard very few Roots Reggae albums and albums of any genre, really, which SOUNDED as strong as that set. From beginning to end, it literally sounded as if the artist were standing in the room next to you singing the music and -- as for the music -- it was also exceptional and, particularly given the label's activity at the time, definitely made you want and expect more. And speaking of "MORE" [!] the only legitimate critique of that album was the fact that it had so many instrumentals, that it dwindled the number of tunes on it… so you wanted to hear "MORE" of it! Now, JahSolidRock takes care of that problem! 
Listening through some of the clips and my expectations are still very high as it appears as if, once again, we have Chezidek in a fine form singing with a label with whom he, obviously, has a significant amount of musical chemistry and I CANNOT WAIT TO HEAR THE RESULTS! And the wait won't be too long, as JahSolidRock presents Chezidek's brand new album, "The Order of Melchezidek" on April 22 - and we return to The Highest Region. 


  1. Chezidek, Melchezedik, Melchizedek... the spellings are confusing. It looks like you spelled it different too!

    1. It's an ancient form of spelling you dummy..

  2. Definitely confusing! I'll get it right the next time. maybe

  3. Who is the artist of this great picture?

  4. I like Chezidek's talents. He's got a good combination of melodious tunes that makes it irresistible to comprehend.
    And the sounds produced by jahsolidrock is very quite unique. i mean its really kind of odd.
    other studios don't produce that kind of sound. let's say this sound is 'massive'. imagine, once it's connected through to your woofer your legs won't stop moving again..
    keep up the progress chezidek. and for those who think that the name is confusing or somehow missed the spelling i think you should check your history..thank you..