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Check It #49: The Recap

"The Order of Melchezedik" by Chezidek [JahSolidRock]

Book-ending this post (unless Bredz decides to change it) (and he probably will) are a couple of new albums which I'm definitely mentioning again. The first is one of the most sensational albums of the year thus far, "The Order of Melchezedik" by Chezidek courtesy of JahSolidRock. Still, every time I listen to this album it steers closer and closer to its now classic-ized predecessor, "Judgement Time", and it gets brighter and brighter as well. Do something smart and pick it up today if you haven't as "The Order of Melchezedik" has now reached a full release.

CD + Digital
"For You" by Eljai [Jah Mix Entertainment]

If I recall correctly (and I don't), it wasn't very long at all when we last heard from classy Belizean vocalist, Eljai, as he released an album by the name of "The Rebirth". That record, however, was full of tunes that were already quite well known - largely from an older album, "I Know". This time, however, at least as far as I can tell, his new EP, "For You" is full of new material. Listening through quite a bit of the project's four tunes - I'm impressed. As most of Eljai's output, it comes via Jah Mix Entertainment and is distributed through VPAL (who actually told us about it). A very nice set and hopefully a full NEW album is on the way Eljai in what could be a really big year for him (check 'Fyah Blaze' in particular - big tune).

'Rastafari Always' by Ras Zacharri [Greenyard Records]

It's been a minute from last we've heard from either Ras Zacharri (not really, but if you really pay attention, he's VERY active) or Greenyard Records ["You're a part of my liiiiiiiife!"] ["I'm a part of yooooooours!")]but the two are both back with a new tune… via each other. Zacharri chimes in with a heavy praising tune over a LUSH Greenyard track, 'Rastafari Always'. Also on the digital release is a dub, a vocal dub and a clean instrumental of a track which hopefully Greenyard passes around to a few other vocalists (and hopefully one of their names is Sara Lugo). Big tune. 

'Dem A Chat' by Miriam Simone [Digital-B]

Up next is Bajan Soca superstar Alison Hinds with her brand new…. Actually it isn't Alison Hinds, but it is her Dutch twin sister from another mister, the delightful Miriam Simone, who brings forth the official releasing of a recent tune, 'Dem A Chat'. The song comes through the venerable Digital-B and is an exquisite and classy piece about people who struggle in the area of minding their own damn business ["leave people business alone. Haffi go mind your own"]. Simone also released an EP of her own last year, "Follow My Dreams", through Digital-B and the always dependable Dredda Records and she's been an excellent streak lately, in general. 'Dem A Chat' finds the songstress, clearly on her way to HUGE things, continuing her winning ways. Not to be missed. 

The Selection Riddim [First Name Music]

First Name Music is in next and they're mining a classic via their latest release, the remade Selection Riddim which brings with it a beautiful array of vocalists pushing excellent vibes over the composition. I don't like these kind of broad remakes when they come so often, but occasionally, they're just a great idea as it gives the modern artists an opportunity to go on yesterday's tracks and this one, I'm calling good. Surely that has at least something to do with the likes of Capleton, Sizzla Kalonji, Exco Levi, Lutan Fyah, Romain Virgo, Mr. Vegas, Chaka Demus and others who turn in stellar selections in support.

The Boom Riddim [Head Concussion Records]

Grrrr! Should've mentioned this one last time (lazy), but who cares. Check the Boom Riddim, the latest set via Sniggy and Head Concussion Records. What I most want to say about this track, besides the fact that it is very good and it is, is something I rarely get to say: An authentic and impressive Dancehall track, the Boom Riddim is a piece which actually PROMOTES fine efforts from its vocalists, so you get really good songs and more than occasional flashes of brilliance on songs which you might not even enjoy so much. To my ears the best of the bests come through Baby Cham, Spragga Benz, Ele, Beenie Man, Chan Dizzy and Hollow Point, but almost every tune here is at least some kind of decent.

The World Riddim [Massive B Records]

Bobby Konders and co. at Massive B are also back with a shiny piece of madness, the World Riddim. Although not the most active of labels, you'll never catch me with much of a bad word to say about Massive B because generally what they turn out is stellar or nearly so and the hype World Riddim is no exception. Although short on tunes, the riddim makes an impact through tunes from the likes of Konshens, Mr. Vegas, MB staple Burro Banton and Captain Care Zero, Noah Powa, who takes top honours on the track, to my opinion, with his 'Bad Gal Anthem'. 


The One Life Riddim [Neva Sleep Productions]

Neva Sleep Productions' One Life Riddim isn't the greatest thing I've ever heard. It isn't even close to it. It's kind of Poppish and maybe even a bit Techno-ish, you could say. But it also isn't bad and it carries the scintillating 'Get Gyal', which is probably one of my favourite I-Octane tunes in a few minutes. R&B head, Jimmy Cozier also checks in well as do Singer J and Natel

The Running Belly Riddim [Muta King Records]

So cool. Check the Running Belly Riddim from Muta King which wasn't really on my radars at all until very recently. The track is a delightful one with kind of a swaying (and slightly old school) bounce to it which quickly gets damn infectious. Unfortunately there isn't an clean version of it on the release (which would have been really nice) and while it may not be brimming with household names, there're a couple of really nice tunes on the Running Belly. At the head are tracks from King, himself (speaking of his solo effort, the funny but poignant 'Nah Gamble Again'), Sammy D and a WICKED Craig Ed East. Sure to go overlooked, but it'll be your own fault, the Running Belly Riddim is very good.

'Your Loving' by Matthew Greenidge [JahLight Records]

Impressive Trini vocalist, Matthew Greenidge, is back for the first time following his excellent tune from earlier this year in tribute to the King of Reggae Music, 'Bob Marley', with the single release for his tune 'Your Loving'. A staple, and official artist, of the most dependable JahLight Records, Greenidge is set to deliver his debut full length album for the label later this year, but until then, he's keeping his name active and hot with excellent output such as this. This track actually comes atop the very curious Kush Riddim (which was gorgeous, and features a… digital steel pan sound) which was from PengCo Music and very captivating. Greenidge's future is very bright and with songs like this, his present isn't doing too bad either so check his new release, 'Your Loving'. 

Releases on April 30
"Much More To Life" by Norris Man [Tiger Records]

And finally, I have to remind you to check the latest album from Reggae veteran Norris Man, "Much More To Life", from Sherkhan and Tiger Records. Going on a little while now, and the album is definitely solidifying a great deal (its absolute BEST is just really good and some of those tunes have been moving for me just a bit) - it is very, very good. You can decide for yourself and make up your own damn mind because when you're finished with this, and this is it, you're going to buy Norris Man's new album. You really have no choice. 

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