Friday, April 12, 2013

Coming Soon: "Soca Gold 2013"

"Soca Gold 2013" [VP Records]
#1. 'Fantastic Friday [De Bouncin' Start]' by Super Blue
#2. 'Bubble' by Iwer George
#3. 'Wining Queen' by Denise Belfon
#4. 'Manager' by Nadia Batson
#5. 'Differentology' by Bunji Garlin
#6. 'Prescription' by Ravi B
#7. 'No Getaway' by Blaxx
#8. 'Pushing It' by Edwin Yearwood
#9. 'Backazz' by Kerwin Du Bois
#10. 'Cyah Bother We' by Lil Rick & Benjai
#11. 'Thief A Wine' by Kes The Band
#12. 'Ent Yuh Know' featuring Alison Hinds & Ravi B by Rikki Jai
#13. 'Indian Gyal' by Drupatee & Machel Montano
#14. 'We Liming' by Shal Marshall & Super Jigga TC
#15. 'We Want Drinkz [3 Zero Remix]' by King Bubba, Lil Rick & Machel Montano
#16. 'Work That Thing' by Edwin Yearwood
#17. 'I Like Muhself' by Lil Rick
#18. 'Bounce Around' by Basil Yarde

Biggup Bredz for (being amazing) tracking down an early potential (yet somewhat reliable, I suppose) tracklist for "Soca Gold 2013", the latest forthcoming installment from VP Records' exceedingly popular series of the genre. While I definitely won't dig into too deeply just yet, because this thing could change, I thought that I might have an early look.

The two biggest songs here are pieces that I well expected to be present - as co-Soca Monarch, Super Blue appears on the series for the first time in a really long time with his tune, which also took the road, 'Fantastic Friday'. And then it's Bunji Garlin who gives his very unique hit of the season, 'Differentology', which is a very nice addition by VP. Also noteworthy of the songs here are multiple tunes and appearances from Edwin Yearwood (who has been on every edition of "Soca Gold" with the exception of one, if I recall correctly), Lil Rick and, of course, Machel Montano. Veterans Kerwin Du Bois, the incomparable Alison Hinds and Kes (with 'Thief A Wine', which is golden) all show up as well with nice tunes, as does Rikki Jai with the remix of his hit, 'Ent Yuh Know', which earned him a runner-up at Chutney Soca Monarch this year, now alongside Hinds and Ravi B.

I'll save my thoughts about what, potentially, is missing until the list is finalized, but it does appear that, with a few exceptions, there was a concerted effort this year, to offer up a cooler and groovier edition of the series and, though I do LOOOOOOOOOVE the madness, theoretically I have no problem with that. Oh and, yes, the cover is fantastic. I love the colours and the presentation is wonderful as well.

"Soca Gold 2013" is tentatively scheduled to arrive in stores on May 21

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