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What I'm Listening To: April

"Judgement Time" by Chezidek [JahSolidRock - 2010]

'In My Heart'

Not surprisingly on my radars these days is definitely the last album release from Chezidek, "Judgement Time". Why? Of course it is because we're currently not too far ahead of his next album, "The Order of Melchezedik", which reaches later this month (review coming soon) which has given me a very large reason to dig back into what I am now quite comfortable declaring the singer's finest album to date. I've spoken about this album so extensively throughout the years that I haven't much left to say, but I may have to come up with much more still as I'm probably going to be proclaiming this one a modern classic in the not too distant future. "Judgement Time" was fantastic in so many ways and it left a mighty high standard for its  also produced by JahSolidRock 'descendent' to live up to - but I'll tell you about that in a little while. 

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The Box Guitar Riddim [Tiger Records - 2010]

It also is not much of a mystery - what brought the Box Guitar Riddim back on my radars - as very recently we dealt with the new album from Norris Man who not only appears on this track, but it was also, like that album ("Much More To Life", in stores now), also produced by Sherkhan and Tiger Records. And, as I believe I said there, it remains my favourite track from Tiger Records to date. Certainly that has a lot to do with it carrying what is probably one of the best fifty or so songs that I've ever heard, the SAVAGE 'Cross My Heart' by Junior X. Somewhat forgotten stellar and nearly stellar tracks from the likes of Perfect ["caught in my brain. Caught in my braaaaaaain"], Zamunda [TEARS!] and even Mikey General also were here on a riddim which is so nice to pull out again these days. 

"Yes I'm ready to stand up and fight
Yes I'm ready to stand up and fight for what I know is right
So all gideon soldiers unite
Been held in the dark, but Rastafari has led all HIS children to light

Only  the poor, only the poor -
Suffer the pressure the most 
Only the poor, only the poor!
So cross mi heart
Mi ready, ready, ready, ready, ready when the revolution start!
Cross mi heart!"


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"Real & Down To The Earth" by Isasha & Million Voice [Nadine Bless - 2008]

'Don't You Know' by Isasha

Much like the very first entry on this post, "Real & Down To Earth" from Trini brothers Isasha & Million Voice is another album which I may end up calling a classic some day. Just like "Judgement Time", it is the type of album which offers something new on virtually every listen and it will continue to appear on posts like these until I get everything from it (and I know I never will). Headlined by another of the best songs of all time, 'Don't You Know', the album has basically faded away (and it wasn't SO popular in its day), but that's a shame with tunes such as 'I Know Jah', 'Who Jah Bless', 'Fire Fih Dem', 'Kings of Kings' and several others… really every song - making a very nice impression on an album which deserved much better than it received (but I'm still giving it to it). 

The Everlasting Riddim [Pow Pow Productions - 2010]

Although it wasn't their finest album, the Everlasting Riddim from Pow Pow was a gorgeous set which has recently found its way back into the line of my attention and hasn't faded in a minute. It was uneven, but what stood out here was two significant points. First of all was the riddim itself. The Everlasting was beautiful. It was a beautiful composition and, on sound alone, may just be one of the label's finest compositions to date and if you're familiar with Pow Pow, then you know how good that is. Secondly of major note was the fact that THE best the track had to offer stood as high as the best you'll find from anything of the time. These days it's basically all about four songs for me. There was 'Everlasting Love' from Gentleman, 'Deyah Long Time' by Chuck Fenda and, of course, the conquering pair, 'Serpent' and 'Bombs of Love' by Ginjah and the Minister of Defense, SARA LUGO, respectively. The final two are the pieces with which I immediately associate the riddim with but, going back and recalling just how well Gentleman and Fenda did has been a wonderful experience. 

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'The Baddest' by Mad Cobra [JRK Music - 2013]

Grrrr! And lastly I'm looking at and listening to another CRAZY tune coming from the blazing Mad Cobra for 2013. 'The Baddest', like a few tunes before it from the legendary DJ is mad! It is an excellent piece of authentic hardcore Dancehall and it's about to be released officially, so definitely pick it up.

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Releases on April 9
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