Saturday, June 8, 2024

What I'm Listening To: LATELY

'Never See Us Fall' by Marlon Asher & Sizzla Kalonji [VAS Productions]

First up this month is a tune which brings together two [THREE] very big names as Marlon Asher links up with the great Sizzla Kalonji.... on a Don Corleon produced track [!] for a big new tune, 'Never See Us Fall'. At the risk of becoming a 'prisoner of the moment' (what I care), I'm going to go ahead and say that 'Never See Us Fall' is the single best tune I've heard from either artist in a minute. On paper, such a combination is truly ridiculous and when you put a wizard at the helm what you expect becomes giant.... 'Never See Us Fall' is giant. 

{Note: Wouldn't be surprised at all if Asher had an album forthcoming this year}

'No Competition' by Daman & Sara Lugo [Soulbeats]

Now look at this one and skip ahead one really quick and then come back.... after seeing who we started with (a combination featuring my favourite artist EVER... produced by, arguably, the greatest producer EVER) and you'll notice that music has been very good to me recently. The great Sara Lugo returns, herself on a combination, this time with an artist I have never come across by the name of Daman (who also produces), for the expectedly delightful 'No Competition'. For me, I took this one as a bit of a 'de-stresser' for life. The thought being that you're not living in a way where you're constantly pitted against someone or something else... EVERYTHING ISN'T OBSTACLE. A beautiful sentiment and one built atop a sweet riddim which has just a hint of old school Dancehall. A fantastic tune.

'Big Fraud' by Reemah [Feel Line Records]

I TOLD YOU! Also on my radars, as it has been for a bit now, is the latest (give me a second, let me confirm that.... yep, it's the latest) from the incomparable, the brilliant Reemah from out of St. Croix, 'Big Fraud'. The song comes via the same Feel Line Records with whom the chanter has been aligned with virtually the entire time since she's risen to prominence and it is of the same MAMMOTH levels that she's displayed.... virtually the entire time she's risen to prominence.

"Wi come to mash and trample every old scheme
Latest on di news is just another smokescreen
Push di dirt unda di table just to keep yuh nose clean
Meanwhile di things you do is contradicting
Di way you play two-sides, oh it sickening!

The woman is simply on another level from the rest of us. She is evidence of something MORE.

The Wild Crocz Riddim [Swick B]

Probably the nicest piece of new Soca I've come across lately has been the Wild Crocz Riddim which [I THINK] was built by one Swick B from out of St. Vincy. The Wild Crocz is a BOUNCE. It's just all kinds of fun and to maximize the moments some truly big names are brought it. Skinny Fabulous teams up with Jab King, RIDICULOUSLY Problem Child & Lavaman vibe together for 'Doh Bother Me', constant duo Lil Natty & Thunda are joined by the always exciting Muddy ["If you think I ignorant then you hit the nail on the head"], while Keith Currency, Lyrikal and even Patrice Roberts go solo. Every single tune here is at least pretty good and, like I said, the Wild Crocz is VIBES! 

"Ganja Man" by Linval Thompson [Irie Ites]

And finally this month, in the place of what is typically some random old set that has gotten my attention as of late is a vintage artist who may just hit vintage levels with his brand new body of work. The legendary Linval Thompson brings forth "Ganja Man" and does so with a pair of some of the most comfortable hands in the entire genre, those of Irie Ites which (presuming this goes up when it's supposed to) (nope! It was a day late) has just been released TODAY and has been dominating a large chunk of my busy morning. Just about anyone releasing an album with II is a really big deal but that becomes magnified several times over because it's literally Linval Thompson, more than half a century into his . Early impressions are good with 'What Time Is It' probably leading the way, but solid contenders come in the form of the title track, 'Marcus Garvey Says', 'Ghetto Youth' and one or two others. Thoroughly enjoying what I'm hearing at the moment and... I may just slap a review on this one in the next couple of weeks or so. Let's see. Eek-A-Mouse and Trinity feature. 

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