Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Monster: Post #1000!

"It's not easy - to carry my load
It's not easy - to travel my road
They say a journey a thousand miles -
Starts with one footstep
It's not easy
And don't you ever forget"
-taken from 'Journey of 1,000 Miles' by Perfect Giddimani

Best music in the world. Biggup all of our friends and all nice people.


  1. Thanks, Achis for shining all this light.

    Your blog has really evolved into something special. I like how you've made different categories of posts to cover so many aspects.

    Biggup everyone providing substance to this blog. Your reviews and opinions have affected me deeply. Truly, it's hard to keep up and I know my reggae journey will be more than a million miles.

    If you were to wrap up this blog one day (I hope not) I hope it's all brought together and provides the world with a crystal clear vision and direction, in regard to reggae music.

    You've given me direction and I share reggae with everyone around. I'll be making notes and compiling playlists for years. I'm still learning and experiencing how to express my opinions on the music.

    Big things happening.