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Coming Soon #53: Future's Eve

Coming Soon
"Worthy To Be Praised" by King Solomon (EP) [Jahlight Records]

First up this week, we take a look at quite possibly, 'the next big thing' to come out of Trinidad. Big names such as Khari Kill, Marlon Asher, Isasha & Million Voice and, of course, the divine Queen Omega highlight Reggae from the area and poised to be next to join that level is the well talented King Solomon who is going to be saying 'hello' to a lot of people via his excellent debut EP via Achis Reggae favourite, Jahlight Records, "Worthy To Be Praised". This set features five tracks, 'Jahlight', 'Living In Love', 'Worthy To Be Praised', 'I Know' and 'Things That We Do'. It's the title track which is the releases's first single (and the riddim on that tune is downright angelic), but all of these tunes are really worth a listen with 'Jahlight' and 'I Know' being serious standouts for me. You also get a very nice mix of the artist in terms of sounds and subjects in just these five tracks. King Solomon is an artist with a great deal of potential and while it remains to be seen exactly what he does with it, ultimately, you can get a great taste of the foundation by picking up his new digital EP, "Worthy To Be Praised" from Jahlight Records. 

Releases on August 1

'Bruk It Down' Soca Remix featuring Alison Hinds by Mr. Vegas [MV Music]

Next, we link up with a couple of serious veterans in Mr. Vegas and Alison Hinds as the latter joins the former for a remix of his big tune, 'Bruk It Down'. Mr. Vegas has always had a mind for Soca in previously working alongside the likes of Machel Montano and, most recently, Patrice Roberts, but he may've outdone himself here in linking with Ms. Hinds for a remix of this big hit, while STILL riding from the massive success that was his most recent album, "Sweet Jamaica"

Releases on August 7

"Heart of Love" by Ras Mikey [Rasta Youths International Recordings/Isouljahs Muzik]

Hawaiian Ras Mikey is up next with a forthcoming brand new album, "Heart of Love". If I recall correctly I just recently heard Mikey for the first time as he was featured on the Step By Step riddim from Rumble Rock Recordz just last year with a nice tune in, 'Keep The Faith', and he didn't waste very much time at all in attempting to capitalize on potential new fans like myself as he's now up with the new full set. I still don't quite know what to make of Mikey, but I'm sure that this album will give a great deal of clearance in that. Mykal Rose [twice], Pressure Busspipe and Rastar all stop by to help things along.

Releases on August 1
CD [I THINK] + Digital

"Yes Iyah" [Zion Cube Productions]

It's always nice to learn of talented new labels and the latest we get an opportunity to look at is Zion Cube Productions who opens the door with their new Yes Iyah Riddim. I almost immediately assume new labels are from France and did the same here, but as it tunes out, Zion Cube is actually from out of the state of North Carolina (biggup JP . . . Or . . . Damn! I have one old reader from North Carolina, so biggup yourself if you're not JP). The riddim itself here is a very, very nice and mellow, old school vibed piece. Zion Cube has also gotten a strong cache of artists to voice it (especially for, presumably, their first release) as Al Pancho, Monsoon, Joseph Israel (who may just have the best tune on the riddim judging the clips), Rochelle, Gubu Coparchy (a name I haven't heard in a LOOOOOOOOOONG time) (easily one of the best names in Reggae music) and others take their turns on the composition. Biggup Zion Cube Productions and WELCOME!

Releases on July 27

In Stores Now
"Dé Not Kréyol" by Lindsey Lin's [Zouk Enterpies/Shark Entertainment]

'La Pot Fèmé'

FINALLY, after dropping singles from a project in both 2011 and 2010, one of my absolute favourite Zoukies, Lindsey Lin's, is back with a brand new album, "Dé Not Kréyol". Lindsey is someone who just seems to exemplify Zouk in its current and modern state. She is the quintessential stunning, angel-like young singer who is really the archetype of the genre today, in my opinion. She's also quite talented and this album marks her third and first from 2008. The singer's music also comes with a bit of a added emphasis for me as Lin's did sing 'Les Beaux Jours' (which they UNSURPRISINGLY dusted off and placed on this album also) (it is SPECTACULAR!), which is easily one of the greatest Zouk songs I've ever heard in my life. The album's first single, 'La Pot Fèmé', which is lovely, appears (DUH!), and also the aforementioned pieces from the last two years, 'Calin Matinal' and 'Morgane De Toi', respectively.

CD + Digital

'Awété Pléwé Penn' featuring Misyé Sadik by Tiwony [Blackwarell Sound/Hemp Higher Productions]

Riga, Jahnaton and company at Hemp Higher Productions waste absolute NO time at all in getting the word out that they have a new riddim which we discussed last time, The Evolution [in stores now] by giving you the set's first single, 'Awété Pléwé Penn', from the over-talented Tiwony, alongside Misyé Sadik from out of Gwada. I could go on and on about all of the nice things to like about this one, but the one you know I'm looking forward to mostly is the fact that . . . 2013 isn't far away at all and Tiwony seems to do an album every other year . . . He had one last year . . . Soooooooooo. . .  And go and pick up the Evolution Riddim.


"Reggae Addiction" [Undisputed Records/Musicast]

Completely random and well done compilation here. Undisputed Records from out  France (told you) present something I've been meaning to get up for awhile now - "Reggae Addiction" - which is a fourteen tracked compilation, featuring a healthy gathering of artists of all statures. Vybz Kartel headlines a pack which also includes the very VARIED likes of Pressure Busspipe, Jah Mason, Konshens, Tarrus Riley, Mr. Vegas, Million Stylez, Capleton, Luciano, Zareb, Fantan Mojah, Collie Buddz and others. This set is perfect for perhaps a casual fan of the music who you are currently trying to get to come around to exhibiting some modicum of an even slight amount of common sense in good taste.


"Abbasage, Man From Iyuwn" by Jesse Jendah [R.E.M.S. Records]

Resurging veteran and former residence of Xterminator - he of so many names - Jesse Jendah is back with his very first album in several millennia, "Abbasage, Man From Iyuwn". Jendah has been really been enjoying a most welcome return to form and prominence over the course of the past couple of years or so and this album, very much, places it all under a very nice package. It should also be said on Jendah's part that he is simply one of the most INTELLIGENT of individuals that you'll find in Reggae music, a trait which well shows through his music when at its finest, and also something sure to positively drench this album. So check it out today.


"Revolution Time" by YT [Sativa Records]

Talented UK product, YT is now pushing his third (I THINK) LP, "Revolution Time". YT was one of the people who I really started paying attention to from his work with Necessary Mayhem and he's proven his talent on those pieces, for me. For everyone else - he's one of those artists that is probably more popular than you know and has more fans than you'll give him credit for. You can see why that is, exactly, by picking up his new album today. Still not convinced? Spragga Benz and another skilled vocalist from Mayhem, Mr. Williamz, are also aboard this one.

CD + Digital

Alison Hinds [Black Coral INC]

And lastly (I am SO tired of writing this thing for some reason and it's still short - currently checking in at 1358 words) we head back to the doorstep of the most incomparable Alison Hinds who checks in with three singles from 2012 season 'Gals Want More Iron', 'Dis Is De Best Band' and, of course, the chaotic 'Soca Till We Die'. The last mentioned of the three requires a bit of patience because it literally sounds like three (or more) tunes going at one time. Fortunately, however, while I have more flaws than I can count, a lack of patience isn't one of them and that tune has grown on me. 'Gals Want More Iron' has a very familiar and immediately likable sound so that was no problem either. BUT [!] the star of the trio for me is definitely the insanity that is 'Dis Is De Best Band' which will just not find its way out of my mind AT ALL and I'm not complaining! We're still waiting on a new album from the Queen, but her 2012 season shows that just maybe she still is getting better with time.


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