Friday, November 24, 2023

Didn't I by Khalia!

Okay so, apparently I wasn't the only one thinking that a tune called 'Didn't I' was THE gem to be found on the recently released "Stay True" EP from the currently sizzling Khalia as she, Tony Kelly, Ineffable Records and whoever else is in charge of making such decisions have chosen to make it the next tune to be given the spotlight from the project and deservedly so. As I said in the write up for "Stay True", Khalia just seems to have a very fresh take on Lover's Rock, albeit not 'revolutionary' to any degree ("evolutionary" may be a better term, really. She is not angering the Lover's Rock Gods, if such entities exist (and they do), but she is giving them something to think about), and a tune like 'Didn't I' is a PRIME example of that.

As for the video, you are left with one last thought when watching it.... lucky guy.

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