Sunday, December 3, 2023

Chezidek & JahSolidRock are Spiritual People

Okay so, I'm behind. I have quite a few new things I want to take a look at (and a review I need to finish... and maybe another I want to start even though I already know I do not like that album. Think it'll be fun to write about), but today we're jumping yet another new tune to the head of the line because it's bringing together not only a pair of our favourites but a pair who's already proven their stock in working alongside one another over and over again as the great Chezidek returns to the highest region and links, once again, with JahSolidRock. Anytime either artist or label have anything going - I'm interested. When you put them together, it pretty much gets all of my musical attention and this time around, the gorgeous 'Spiritual People' is doing precisely that. 

"Say we all are the same spiritual people

Fighting against the same common evil"

Chezidek does his best (and does an amazing job at it) to bring together positive people from every single background and belief system to a point where, at its core, 'Spiritual People' is a unity song. It's about how people who walk such different paths in life (and maybe even those who take no path at all) can find some semblance of common ground between them. At the tune's peak for me Chezidek lift up various books of faith and, again, no matter which one is for you, he mentions how they all speak the truth and how power and guidance can be found within them all. That's RARE from a lyrical standpoint as though you've heard dozens of hundreds of Roots tunes about unity and will hear many more, you don't hear that side, in particular, very often at all. 

And though you know what I'm thinking now (...a third???), I'll hold off on that (although such a thing would SWEETEN 2024 to a cavity inducing degree), instead I'll just recommend that you lay a pair of ears on a big new tune, courtesy of a pair of increasingly towering entities. BOOM! 


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