Thursday, May 16, 2024

Coming Soon From Norris Man

"Free Man" by Norris Man [Tad's Records]

1. 'Righteous'
2. 'Burn Babylon'
3. 'Ahead A Dem'
4. 'Going Out On You'
5. 'Baby's Mom'
6. 'Free Man'
7. 'Fighting For My Rights'
8. 'Jah Is The Almighty'
9. 'Jah Love'
10. 'To Jah I Pray'
11. 'Gun Hawk'

Okay so, given the fact that it's about two and half months out, I may be going early with this one but it has been on radars from maybe as early as late last year (and I haven't finished my review yet. Although it is progressing along nicely), I thought that I'd tell you wonderful, awful taste having folks about an upcoming release that I am VERY excited about. "Free Man" becomes the latest release from the scalding veteran from out of Trenchtown, Norris Man. The album, delightfully, comes courtesy of Tad's Records (who's always in a good form) and follows, most closely, late 2023's solid "Life" album from Danish imprint, E.Turn.A.T.  

....a few months ago

As I've said in the recent past, I've slotted Norris Man into a select group of veteran artists, along with the likes of Mark Wonder, Elijah Prophet, Spragga Benz and maybe just a few more as names who really have seemed to hit a level of undeniable consistency which has made it virtually impossible to ignore what they've been up to. With his style, however, Norris' case may be THE most unique of them all because it isn't something that appeals to everyone, inherently (myself included). With all of that being said, and with the brief bits I have heard of "Free Man" (which consists of clips of the title track and 'Fighting For My Rights', although a couple of the others also seem familiar - such as the ULTRA terrestrial 'Jah Love'), my expectations and anticipations have been well heightened and prime and I cannot wait to lay my ears on whatever this one turns out to be.

I'll have to though. The latest album from Norris Man, "Free Man", is set to release on the 26th of July, via Tad's Records. LET'S GO!

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