Friday, May 24, 2024

Shenseea Says Don't Tap Out Yet!

Okay so, we did have a big release for today, the 24th of May as superstar (I don't think that's a stretch), Shenseea, has released her brand new album, "Never Gets Late Here". I'm not going to review the album. I am most certainly not its intended audience but I have listened to quite a bit of it today because I am able to appreciate the undeniable talent that Shenseea has. As I've said in the past, it is relatively easy to get distracted by other aspects of the artist, but when you get down to it: Shenseea is IMMENSELY gifted. You will find flashes of that throughout "Never Gets Late Here" (you'll actually find more than "flashes", but the largest blip of them all, in my opinion, is far and away 'Tap Out'

Yep! It's a dirty track which might lead it to blend in with countless others that she's done over the years, but you listen to (and just read in that video) how well Shenseea puts it all together. It is a DOMINANT lyrical performance and entirely Dancehall. Checking in it at ridiculously malnourished minute and fifty seconds, 'Tap Out' almost comes off as more of a demo than an actual tune, but it is one WICKED demo, be that the case. Also, oddly enough, if you listen closely at the head of 'Tap Out' you'll hear that the tune is produced by Banx & Ranx who were also behind my favourite Soca song (and, maybe, favourite from any genre), the MAMMOTH shot that was 'Carnival Contract' by Bunji Garlin who have surely now made a fan out of me.

You can find 'Tap Out', along with thirteen other offerings on Shenseea's brand new album, "Never Gets Late Here" which is available now on Rich Immigrants/Interscope Records.

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