Friday, February 27, 2009

Meet Goldee!


Meet Goldee! From out of Martinique, Goldee is a Zouk singer who makes a brand of Zouk which is VERY close to Reggae/Dancehall and has definitely gotten not only my attention but the attentions of many others, including that of Virgin who has apparently signed up the young singer for her official debut. Goldee is my current choice of Zouk's number one draft pick as the brand of music she makes is VERY accessible. Zouk is often criticized as being somewhat boring and not flashy enough and if that is what you have found to be true, then definitely check out Goldee.
While awaiting her official full length debut, you can check out her EP, The Remix Album

From B-Caribbean (to whom she is currently signed). Goldee was also featured on B-Caribbean's VERY NICE compilation, West Indeez Coast from last year

(someone wrote an EXCELLENT review on Amazon for that one)

Where she had three tunes featured including a remix for one of her biggest tunes to date, Baby Fly. The original of the song is absolutely stunning riding a Diwali-esque sounding riddim which gets VERY addictive, VERY quickly and was a pretty large Caribbean hit from awhile back.

There was also the STUNNING Pointe Des Nègres

So! If you're a Frenchie and you're maybe looking for something to bridge the gap between Reggae and Zouk, check Goldee. (THE BEST WEBSITE I HAVE EVER SEEN AN ARTIST HAVE ALTHOUGH IT HASN'T BEEN UP'D IN A YEAR)

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