Friday, April 24, 2009

Coming Soon: The Odd Man Out

Of all the sons of the King of Reggae Music, Bob Marley, who is your favourite?

  • -Historically speaking it seems as if the most likely answer to that question would be Grammy winning singer Ziggy, who is probably still the most popular and through recent years has seen his popularity in urban areas grow more and more. The former leader of Ziggy Marley & The Melody Makers continues to be one of the most well known Reggae acts on the planet.
  • -Ky-Mani? Probably best known for his thespian pursuits rather than his work in the studio, the musically GIFTED Ky-Mani Marley has remained a present figure most recently due to his 2007 release Radio which so many people enjoyed as well. Not bad for an actor!
  • -Maybe you favour the man behind the scenes, Stephen Marley. It’s very interesting that as soon as Stephen steps from behind the scenes (a role which earned him production Grammys for work with his family including Ziggy and the next individual on this list) his reward is yet another Grammy as the madness which was Mind Control earned him the honours in 2007 and apparently we liked it so much that he gave it to us again in 2008, this time in an acoustic stylee.
  • - If you follow modern Reggae or Dancehall apart from the Marleys then your favourite might be Jr. Gong, Damian Marley who has easily been the one pack whose style has most closely resembled that of his Jamaican based non-Marley peers. The two time Grammy winner recently announced plans to do a full album with legendary hip-hopper Nas setting his sights, perhaps, on even bigger audiences worldwide.
None of them?
Well whose left?

Oh maybe it’s the other one! What’s his name? JULIAN!

With credits like MULTIPLE TIME GRAMMY WINNER adorning almost all of your brothers (and even Ky-Mani was nominated for one and never mention the awards he’s received for his acting work) it’s easy to see how Julian, aka JuJu, might get somewhat lost in the shuffle. He also has the distinction, amongst his musical brothers, of being the only one born across the pond and just has remained, seemingly, on a much lower profile.

BUT! You might not know that Julian, with his coming release, will have just as many solo albums as both Damian and Ziggy (with Ziggy’s own forthcoming release). His previous two albums, Lion In The Morning (1996) and Time & Place (2003) have been largely well received and earned ‘JuJu’ some of the most oddly dedicated of fans. My experience with Julian Marley fans (reminiscent of fans of singer Daweh Congo) is that they will fully and unconditionally proclaim him one of the BEST and thus, most ‘slept on’ and underrated in the game.

Well if you’ve been sleeping on Julian Marley, meet your opportunity to stop. Awake.

His brand new album from Universal Republic. The album, produced by Julian and his brothers Damian and Stephen is set to be released on May 26th and may just prove to be one of the sleepers of the year. The album features combinations with brothers Stephen and Damian as well as a combination with longtime Marleys spar Mr. Cheeks.

Check the KNOCKING first single, herbalist tune Boom Draw.

(The bass on this one is better than you are)

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