Thursday, April 16, 2009

Meet Mischu Laikah!

Mischu Laikah

Meet Mischulaikah Richardson! A woman after my own heart. This BEAUTY yet another Dutch Reggae artist on the scene and FINALLY a female. This songstress has roots right here in St. Maarten where her mother is from and she was raised partly before returning to The Netherlands where she was born. She definitely is receiving quite a bit of attention on the island and now worldwide even outside of the Dutch stream as she and the label with which she is signed. Stonerich has been keeping the name of the sweet singing beauty going for about a year now.

Stonerich recently released her very first single, the very nice Things You Do which is the first step to an official album which is expected later this year. Laikah is very much in the line of young impressive Reggae singers like Alaine and Tami Chynn and the likes and she definitely has superstar potential written all over her, even outside of the scope of Reggae, because her music is very accessible if you fall into that pop/R&B genre as well.

She has also, while in Europe, worked extensively with Jamaican (St. Ann!) veteran chanter Perfect almost to a curious degree (I'm not saying anything!), which can only be a help (St. Ann to St. Maarten, story of my life) and he may even make an appearance on her album as the two seem to vibe so well together (musically speaking of course).

So keep an eye out for Mischu Laikah (happy belated 25th birthday Queen) because you may just be hearing about her soon anyway, whether you like it or not.

[note: I get notes/emails from her or someone from her label almost every month. I'm paying attention people! OH! And she's sexy!]

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