Monday, April 27, 2009

The Most Talented Vol. 1: Stephen Marley

Can you be mainstream and yet 'behind the scenes' at the same time? If you can be then that's exactly what may be the best way to describe Stephen Marley who is, in my opinion, the most talented current member of the Marley clan. I find it very interesting that Stephen has been on board for SO MANY wonderful projects (and for proof of that one need only pick up either of his brother Damian's last two albums, Welcome To Jamrock or Halfway Tree and turn them over to reveal the "Executive Producer: Stephen Marley" tag and of course, both of those albums won Grammy awards) and yet his name definitely wouldn't be considered a household one. HOWEVER, let that change in the next few years as in 2007, Stephen checked in with his long awaited solo debut, Mind Control (which also, incidentally (not quite at those point) won a Grammy).

Well. Last year Stephen, in order to "promote my guitar" dropped Mind Control's technical follow-up, which was a BEAUTIFUL acoustic version of the album which, arguably, gives the original a run for it's money in terms of quality.

The album is available DIGITALLY only on places like iTunes

& Amazon

Check the former single, Traffic Jam, acoustic style & still featuring Jr. Gong

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