Sunday, June 28, 2009

New Artist Of The Month: Meet Shelly G!

Shelly G

Meet Shelly G! If you were at all distracted (like most people who like Soca) by Trinidad's first Carnival season of undisputed female dominance with longtime star Faye-Ann Lyons breaking through the machismo and holding one of the most memorable year's EVER, then you may have missed the coming out party for one Shelly G not too far away in Guyana. Having been around but a few years (although making a relatively BIG name for herself in said time frame) Shelly G took top honours in her native Guyana's Soca Monarch competition with a performance to be remembered of her tune Work It.

The song and the performance, much like a bit of Shelly G's career has been marked in controversy as she invokes the thankfully all but gone 'daggering' phenomenon for which she drew quite a bit of criticism. I, as someone who was TIRED AS HELL of the daggering stuff, honestly have to admit that I still liked the performance and the tune in its original form also.

The fuss wasn't exactly new to Shelly as she had previously drawn criticism for the not so 'implied' explicitness of previous videos such as (MOST NOTABLY)

The downright PORNISH Touch Meh (check out the atrociously out of place, yet damn funny, chipper tourist in the blue shirt in the midst of the semi-porn). I then challenge you to listen to that song and not have it stuck in your head for quite awhile. Shelly G has, in not too long of a time, made her name as one of the most respected names in Guyana Soca and music scene in general. And for me she definitely serves a bit of a 'guilty pleasure' role as I tend to like her music at least to some degree.

Apparently I'm not the only one as she recently announced the coming digitization of her sophomore album release Work It on August 5th. Work It features some of her bigger hits to date including the aforementioned Work It (DUH!) and Touch Meh alongside others such as Bump N Grind

Reportedly she will spend the second half of her 2009 promoting her forthcoming Reggae album, also to be released this year, for the VERY well respected Walter Fraser of Vizion Sounds, the label behind some of Guyana's top Reggae talents including First Born and even star Natural Black (and wouldn't a Black - Shelly G combination be WICKED for the album!).

So keep an eye and couple of ears out for Shelly G. Work It is online August 5th and the Reggae album is scheduled for a December release. And who knows what else lies under the sleeves of Guyana's reigning first Queen of Soca Monarch!

{note: Another sexy one!}

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