Sunday, September 6, 2009

Stuff Vol. 5

Yow! Nice and cool and businesslike week last week, got to pretty much everything I wanted to, didn't get around to the article but replaced it with some fun stuff. Still on the road, having a lovely time (grandparents, of both varieties make for VERY good babysitters) still have a little while before we go home so, everything is nice.

Few things happening behind the scenes: The fine people at Jamrock Magazine UK (see favourite links) have given me my own column so some of the stuff you'll see here will pop up over there and I'll probably do some exclusive things over there as well. I've also sent out some 'feelers' as far as maybe doing an interview or two with people I talk a lot about on my blog so maybe that'll work and I pretty much have a standing invitation with another artist who I wrote an article on (not who you're thinking about) (I sent did him an email though) and a couple of other people (both females). So maybe some of that there will work out (watch NONE OF IT DOES). And I made a VERY nice link also, so big up the fine people at Zojak, who knows how many reviews I've written for Zojak albums. I think that's it. . . Yeah I can't think of anything else. Oh yeah, I just swallowed my pride and sent Ras Attitude's website a message asking for a copy of the album (think it helps that two of my reviews are on his facebook but we'll see yeah). This week:

  • THE review of the week (I'm doing more than one, of course, but the MAIN one) is the Saint Jago Dela Vega riddim which I do have, and I'm loving it! It's a very strange riddim but it's just working. It's kind of old from the first time I heard it but I haven't heard quite a few of these tunes, which is wonderful. Expect that one to be the first review of the week, hopefully no later than Wednesday.
  • I have a list which I was actually surprised that I didn't do yet which is the best of Luciano's albums. Definitely a pretty hard list, no definitive number one favourite right now (although I think it's between two clear choices, but I'll have to think about that) but I'm looking forward to working through that one definitely.
  • Regular stuff after that, Modern Classics, already know which one that'll be (Elijah Prophet's King Of Kings); lyrics, I already know from who but not sure which tune that is (and that will probably be even later today actually) and maybe a vault review (already have a couple of ideas) and maybe another (new) riddim album review and a Destra review, she's having a baby so big her up. I also have a new Omar Perry album which I'm KIND OF liking right now but I don't know if I', going to review it and even if I do that might be one (or two) weeks off because I don't think that it releases until the end of the month and I have a new Chezidek album sameway so you can expect that also sometime in September yeah.
Everybody go and pick up Jahmo Jahmo. I'm going to keep telling you about until you do it. What!

Yadda yadda yadda and listen to this song! New video from big Dutchie Ziggi, don't like the video, the tune is madness though.



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