Saturday, October 10, 2009

Coming Soon Vol. 5

Morgan Heritage - The Journey Thus Far [VP Records]

Up first this week are the Morgans. Following similar greatest hits releases from the likes of Tanya Stephens, Lady Saw and someone else very important who I can't recall (and releases like such from Sizzla and Mr. Vegas on Greensleeves last year), VP Records now does the same for easily one of their most popular and successful acts to date, Morgan Heritage. Pretty much ANYTHING you're going to find which is even semi-official and bears the name 'Morgan Heritage' as a unit is going to be from VP, thus, they have virtually the Morgans' entire career to draw from at this point. The result of that situation is a downright SPRAWLING twenty track release, which also (of course) features a DVD in the physical form for the collectors. From the Don't Haffi Dread days, through to She's Still Loving Me, up to Nothing To Smile About and even armed with a new tune, Here To Stay, The Journey Thus Far is virtually CERTAIN to have EVERYTHING for the hardest of hardcore Morgan Heritage fans (and me personally, as someone who didn't appreciate their music for so long but maybe now has a different outlook, I', well looking forward to this one) to the newest of new convert. Like me.

Rated Potential: 4.99999999/5
Releases on October 27

Carlene Davis: The Best Of Glory [VP Records]

And not to be outdone is the oft-forgotten Carlene Davis, one of VP's less well known faces, but an absolute STAR on the Reggae Gospel scene. Davis is also the woman of the moment as a few days after releasing her latest studio effort, True Worship, she now brings forth her very own Greatest Hits assignment for the masses. The Best Of Glory is pretty much everything you would expect and as the tracklist is full of tunes such as 'Amazing Grace', 'Old Rugged Cross' and 'Lord I Lift Your Name On High', a prerequisite for enjoying the album isn't being a fan of Carlene Davis', but only being a fan of STRONG Gospel music.

Rated Potential: 4.5/5
Releases on November 10

Daweh Congo - Straight Up Conscious EP [Goldheart Music]

Apparently either trying to build on the successes of the MASSIVE Ghetto Skyline album back in January (or maybe even building towards another release) (one can hope), Swedish label Gold Heat Music is releasing what is essentially a glorified single release for the tune 'Straight Up Conscious' from the aforementioned Ghetto Skyline album (took you long enough!). The EP/Single features the usual mixes one would expect from such a thing (a dubbed out version, what sounds like a Drum & Bass piece and even an electro version) alongside the original tune as well as featuring spots from Swedish based artists, Desmond Foster and Leafnuts (both of those tunes, 'Make A Difference' and 'Almighty Time' sound very nice so far), respectively.

Rated Potential: 4/5
Releases on October 23

In Stores Now

Beres Hammond - Something Old, Something New [Penthouse Records]

Beres Hammond has a new album (kinda). That's pretty much all you need to know at this point right? Okay, I'll tell you a bit more 'Something Old, Something New' is pretty much what the title would suggest and, even more than that, it's pretty much a compilation of some of the WONDERFUL hits Hammond has sung for the storied Penthouse Records in his days (they are going crazy, more from them next week). The album contains timeless classics from the legendary crooner such as Warriors Don't Cry and Pride & Joy, up to newer pieces such as combinations alongside Assassin, Queen Ifrica and (of course) Buju. You definitely don't want to miss this one, even though you may be familiar with quite a bit of it, it's still a new album from the COOLEST man on the planet.

Rated 4.75

Chief Nukachez - Oxygen, Haze and Journey [Imminent Records/Fire Zone Music]

I always try to keep an eye on some of the more obscure and up and coming names who I've come across through the years and scanning around this morning, I see that Chief Nukachez has a new project apparently in the works. His last album, Ashes was pretty decent and I would expect a step up this time around. He's releasing three singles (which is basically an EP) from an apparently forthcoming full length release, 'Haze', 'Journey' and 'Oxygen'. To my ears, Haze is the best of the lot, but I almost strictly mention this piece so that you can look forward to the (HOPEFULLY) forthcoming full length release.

Rated 3/5

{note: Just to reiterate, if you do decide to pick these up, they're all sold separately, at least on all of the sites I've notice thus far}

Free Willy Riddim Releases [Free Willy/Zojak Worldwide]

And lastly this week, of course, the fine people at Zojak Worldwide are at it again with yet another label having discovered how easy it is to IMMEDIATELY get your work out to the masses in the digital form and this time around, it's the boys at Free Willy. Apparently (I haven't been paying attention) Free Willy has been on board with Zojak for awhile now and this is their second batch of releases (at least), and it includes some of my personal favourites. The heavy hitter here is the [Father] Jungle Rock which people know from all over the place, but probably most recently for being versioned to back I-Wayne's EPIC 'Can't Satisfy Her' and here you get sixteen more cuts on the riddim, including (and most notably) 'Somewhere' from Sizzla Kalonji and the herbalist ANTHEM 'One Pound A Day from John Holt, Cornell Campbell & Ras Moses. Also on board are Luciano, Junior Kelly and even Vybz Kartel.

The Love Riddim is also in the bunch which I mention largely based on the strength of the MAMMOTH shot that was 'Imagination' from the aforementioned Ras Moses alongside former Shocking Vibes stablemate Devonte.

But also along to help out on the Love Riddim are the likes of Norris Man, Admiral Bailey and 'Spot Check', a RIDICULOUS combination featuring veterans Sanchez and Ninja Man.

The 5000 Mg. Riddim is a HEAVY Dancehall riddim featuring Mr. & Mrs. Beenie Man (who joins BOTH Kippo and Macka Diamond on Combinations), Ninja Man and most noteworthy, a damn near VINTAGE version of Vybz Kartel on 'Don't Dis'. And that same version of Adi Banton appears on the Happy Living Riddim and does alongside Wayne Marshall (literally, on a combination, 'New Generation'), Sizzla, Anthony B and Lady Saw.

{note: I've only chosen to mention these four but there are at least four more Free Willy Riddim albums out on Zojak with this bunch, including the Baba, Water Bed, 16 Shooter and Sleepy Medz riddim albums}

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