Sunday, October 25, 2009

Stuff Vol. X

Long long time (3 weeks, which is a long time around here) from we last do one of these and I think I'll start doing them about every other week or so yeah.

Okay, some decent sized stuff going on. #1 being is that we're still back and forth with my wife's family, trying to help them (all in my personal business aren't you). I don't like traveling so much (don't tell my wife) so if you're stuck in 1942 and want to send me something via snail mail, link me yeah.

On the blog front, there's been some pretty good things going on. The first being that, thanks to the wonderful human beings at Zojak Worldwide (the link is either already in my favourite places, or it will be by the time you read this), I'm linked on their homepage, so give thanks to them and everyone go back and check the last Zojak review I did (which I think was Fred Locks' album) and go and buy it (when it comes out) and check the article I did on the company and buy all the other stuff I've reviewed from them also. And that is MASSIVE.

The other WONDERFUL link that I've made is with the BIG people at VP Records, I'm actually linked on their blog ( and I feel relatively comfortable in saying that no single human being on earth has written more words on reviewing VP Records releases (and then throw in Greensleeves Records ad its even more ridiculous) than I have and that is another MAMMOTH link for me. (yay me)

Next! There's a blog by the name of (link over there >>> already, I'm sure). It's a French blog, the guy makes very nice mixes with new material mostly and he actually wrote an artcile Lyrical Fyah in semi-response to my own article Wordplay? Worldclass: A Lyrical Analysis of The Albums of Lutan Fyah. It's in French now, so if your French is either atrocious or non-existant, then your buddy google translate will most certainly show you the light. But he wrote a very nice article and it wasn't as much of a response as it was an elaboration or an expansion piece of my own, but whatever you should want to call it, it was very well done (even though he called me 'Archis') (which slightly deludes the coolness of my most assuredly cool ass nickname Achis='A Kiss'). But the peace is very well done, even some of his critiques are appropriate and his mixes are top notch, so enjoy. And that article has gotten a ton of reaction and call for a sequel of sorts so, I just may do so before the end of 2009, so stay tuned and check out Bassculture.

I also gotta link from Daniel who runs both and (in my favourite places, I believe it's listed as The Uprising and VI Reggae will be there as well in short order) and he's linking some of my Virgin Island reggae reviews and that's very nice. If you go and check out the site, it's set up where every album has its own page and links to reviews and other media about it (and you can actually listen (IN COMPLETION) to a TON of albums on that site, that you may not otherwise hear anywhere) and some of the more obscure albums, like Sabbattical Ahdah's Heart Ah Joy may not have previously had any review on their pages, well, of course, that's where I come in, so biggup Daniel.

Also biggup Isiah Mentor, Irie Ites, Tune In Crew, Dynamq, Tippy from I Grade, Zojak & always and some of the other NICE connections I've made over the last few weeks. Biggup Sick Donkey Records & Jahson Ites definitely and I'm sure there's someone else also, biggup to all of them definitely. Biggup Mista Vybe sameway. Oh and MESSENJAH SELAH! And Philadub as always.

We hit 250 posts fairly recently, the #250 was actually the Glen Washington Review. We also hit 130 reviews, with #130 being the Alaine Review. And speaking of reviews, if you didn't notice, I did hit 7 reviews in 7 days (actually there were like 9 in 11 days, which is ridiculous) in the middle of two weeks, so obligation fulfilled. Got crazy response to Omar Perry's review and of course Alaine, Glen Washington and Joyful Noise "BABY I'M SITTIN IN THE CORNER BUT I'M FINE!) (NO that isn't a typo on Joyful Noise, it's just that good).

Oh! And very good news that is back. Definitely, for those of us who like to read (and YOU definitely qualify as that, if you're hanging around here) (and so do I), that's big news. So I'll link them AGAIN, right after I finish here.

I think thats it. . .??? I know I'm forgetting something, but. . . yeah, link me and let me know. Nevertheless, this week on Achis' Reggae:
  • Reviews! The featured review of the week is HOPEFULLY Fulfillment by Chuck Fenda. Also have a vault review (about half done with it already) and MAYBE a Modern Classic. If I choose to do that one (or just whenever the next one is) it'll almost certainly be one of Tanya Stephens' last two albums and I'm leaning towards Rebelution, at least right now I am). And there are at least two other new albums out there or soon to be out there that I have my eye on, one of which will get my IMMEDIATE attention, so should I get my paws on that one, it'll be up this week also).
  • I have about three different ideas for lists, I expect that I'll get to at least one of them.
  • And the usual stuff. Got lyrics to some random song I have yet to identify. I'm brainstorming on this very strange article I'm thinking of writing and another (FAR MORE TERRESTRIAL) one. OH! Okay, I alluded to this in the Coming Soon post. I'm going to make a post (probably on Tuesday) about just some stuff that's out. Not a coming soon post, but just a 'recently released' post, or whatever I'll end up calling it, because I've seen a lot of good stuff that I have no intentions on reviewing, but you should still check them out yeah.
  • Oh, and back to the reviews, I have some things in process, should any of them materialize, I'll slap reviews on that material above almost any others.

I think that's it. It sounds like a lot, but I most certainly won't be able to accomplish all of that stuff in one week and again, STUFF is now biweekly, so consider it just as standing for fourteen days worth of material, which I can most certainly pull off, no problem.

Music! New Gramps Morgan video, One In A Million. Kemar McGregor. Sweet Riddim. Big tune.


Big album

Go get it


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