Sunday, November 1, 2009

Stuff I'm Looking Forward To In 2009

Just what the title says. These are projects, or potential projects, still to come in what is now the last two months of the year in counting. If you though it was over and you were just planning on hanging out and maybe picking up the new Morgan Heritage and Capleton Greatest Hits albums, maybe Strictly The Best, well you were wrong (as hell)! Because there are still potentially some very good opportunities for you to spend even more of your hard earned money this year. Thus, I submit for your approval, STUFF I'M LOOKING FORWARD TO, in the last two months of the year.

{note: Because nothing on this list is actually released, EVERYTHING on this list is TENTATIVE. Therefore, if it's 2016 and I make a post and something here appears on a 'coming soon' write up, you are not to blame me or anyone else for its musical tardiness}

{note 2: If you have something on this list already, please do be kind and let me know}

Spragga Benz - Shotta Culture

First up is the undeniable STAR of this list, as Spragga Benz returns for the potentially MASSIVE ‘Shotta Culture’. This album has had so many people in the know chit chatting, largely because it reportedly links The Benz with international star producer Salaam Remi and the guest starring power is, predictably, supposedly on the high side. However, from strictly a fan’s point of view, The Benz has been on a ROLL! Tunes like Tiny Tot, Hurt Mi alongside I-Octane, Livication and the recent single Who Inna The Middle, figure to play heavily in the mix and, of course, I’m thinking names like Wyclef Jean, Foxy Brownm, Stephen Marley and Assassin may also make appearances. MORE THAN THAT, following the tragic death of his son, also included on Shotta Culture, reportedly, is a ‘be all, end all’ documentary on The Benz, which figures to be a helluva great collector’s item. Shotta Culture is actually expected THIS MONTH and I cannot wait to get my filthy, nasty hands on it. HUGE album potentially in the making.

Level of Anticipation: 7/5

Lyricson - Messages

Another potentially HUGE album is Lyricson’s new effort Messages. In my opinion, the chanter (who has a strong incline towards singer) is definitely one of the most talented artists in the game and you look up one day and notice that someone like Lyricson (Lyricson) has been around quite awhile now, going on a decade, so now the experience should match the skills and the results of that should be one MAMMOTH release. Not to mention that, unlike in previous years, Lyricson has been ACTIVE. He’s been popping up on a few different projects (including the Soprano Riddim from Bost & Bim), here and there and just recently had a nice single, ‘Set Your Goals’ drop through Jaguar Records (WHO!) on their cool Lionz Riddim. Two new and piping hot videos are also in the mix and should add further steam to the already SMOKING Messages. Also, I should mention that Lyricson’s last album, 2007’s Keep The Faith, which was pretty GREAT in my opinion, was reportedly unapproved by Lyricson himself, therefore, going by his own standards, he hasn’t had an album since 2004 (his debut, Born 2 Go High), which makes you think he may be even more inclined to put his best foot forward. I don’t know when the hell Messages is coming, but I would imagine soon due to the two new videos AND I CANNOT WAIT!

Level of Anticipation: 5/5

Proverbs Riddim Album [Lustre Kings Productions]

And I’m the one who always like to mention so much how the riddim album and compilation in general in Reggae music is slowly fading away. . . Well, apparently and deliberately trying to make a fool out of me is one of my favourite international labels, Lustre Kings Productions, as following the very SOLID Culture Dem 3, the label is armed with and set to release (if they haven’t already) the Provers riddim on an album. The lineup here is fairly RIDICULOUS (if you can be fair and ridiculous at the same time, this would be that time), with artists as varied as the usual ‘suspects’ (Lutan Fyah, Messenjah Selah and Chezidek) mixed in with the likes of TAKANA ZION, HI KEE and DANNY I. If you want an early taste, you can always fire up the final block of tunes on the aforementioned Culture Dem 3, or check blog favourite Messenjah Selah’s Breaking Babylon Curse album for the SCINTILLATING She Ask Me Say. I have no idea when the Proverbs is set to drop (of course if the Lustre Kings answered their email, I could tell you), however, you can well expect a full review when I grab it up.

Level of Anticipation: 4/5

Jahdan Blakkamoore - Babylon’s Nightmare [Lustre Kings Productions]

If you’re like me and Jahdan’s recent solo album, Buzzrock Warrior was a bit of a letdown and left you feeling slightly alienated due to the fact that it was predominately a Hip-Hop vibed album, then don’t worry because the man has something for you apparently. Again, the boys at Lustre Kings are at it again with the production (they’re reportedly joined by some very solid spots such as I Grade Records) and if the absolutely WICKED streak Jahdan has been on (on the Reggae side) is any indication (and it is), then Babylon’s Nightmare may be looking to do what Breaking Babylon Curse, Lutan Fyah’s Africa and Ghetto Living from Linval Thompson did for 2009 and give the year yet ANOTHER potential album of the year candidate so late in the going. Again, I’m not quite sure when this one is expected (although, by what I’m told, it’s pretty far along and after a 2008 which saw virtually simultaneous LKP late year releases from both Norris Man and Al Pancho), but I’ll definitely have an eye out for this album from perhaps the BIGGEST breakout Reggae artist of 2009.

Level of Anticipation: 4.5/5

Lady Sweety - Ma Vérité

I can remember a couple of months ago now dropping by Lady Sweety’s Myspace Page and besides being surprised that it had been completely overdone, it was also ‘warning’ of her forthcoming album, Ma Vérité. I basically froze for a second and then went and listened to the new tune clips and wasn’t overly impressed (maybe you could even say I was a bit disappointed), but I definitely filed it into memory. Well, a couple of months down the line and I’m still waiting, but the tunes are sounding stronger to my ears and a recent first single for the album has me even more hyped for Lady Sweety’s third album. I don’t know exactly what the hell to expect aside from what I’ve heard (two tunes in particular, the single ‘Si Ki Taw Bien Taw’ (alongside Sista Majesty) and the MASSIVE ‘Championne’ (and don’t forget ‘They Call Me Sweety, her cut of the Gang War riddim)), but Lady Sweety is simply one of the most talented wordsmiths (incidentally, through all my literary pursuits, I don’t know if I’ve ever come across the feminine tense of the word ‘wordsmith’) in the game right now and anytime she’s bringing anything, I’ll be paying attention. I don’t know if we should expect Ma Vérité before the end of 2009, but the video is promising for just that I suppose.

Level of Anticipation: 4.5/5

NiyoRah - Album (I Think It’s Called Capture The Moment) [House of Dinkenesh]

Not too long at all, I Grade Records, the premier Reggae label out of the Virgin Islands, released their latest MASTERPIECE, Joyful Noise, and I began to wonder that the ‘mainest’ of mainstays at the label (in terms of artists (not named Midnite)) has been NiyoRah and it’s been a minute since he released his last album, 2006’s DIVINE Purification Session. So I snooped around a bit (because I’m nosey) and asked a few people and discovered that Niyo did indeed have an album on the way, but I Grade wasn’t on board for this one. Instead, he had recorded the album along veteran Bassie Campbell and had done so in Jamaica. It is also reportedly to be released on his very own imprint, House Of Dinkenesh, which is a big deal now. Because of the circumstances surrounding it, I would venture to say that the album (whatever it may be called) is a result of further works of the sessions which produced the big compilation, Gather The Remnants last year, but that’s only my guest. NiyoRah’s album is scheduled for a December release, but again, don’t blame me if it falls further back. Regardless, I REALLY want it.

Level of Anticipation: 4.5/5

Lutan Fyah - Rising Up [Kickoff Records/Zojak Worldwide]

And finally is a bit of a wildcard, because I already have it. Lutan Fyah’s Rising Up. I have gotten SO MANY emails on this album in the last two weeks or so as to when it’s coming out. Well, I’m still not very sure, but apparently the plan is sometime next month, so definitely stay tuned. It’s a lovely album and I enjoy it more and more each time I spin through (and keep your eyes on Kickoff, they have some very nice riddim albums already out and a lovely album from Empress Robertha as well).

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