Tuesday, January 26, 2010

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Joker Smoker [Necessary Mayhem/Zojak Worldwide (I THINK)]

Yow, just consider this a bonus yeah. Even though I have more to tell you about, I might do that later this week. Okay, I think this one comes courtesy of the beautiful people at Zojak Worldwide (cause was Zojak that tell me about it originally) (biggup Aaron), but this is big stuff right here. EP of the year type of material. Curtis Lynch from the UK's BIG BIG label Necessary Mayhem continues his reign of mayhem on the rebirths after locking down the 'Police In Helicopter', the man turns his attention to the legendary 'Joker Smoker' and pulls HUGE vibes from it alongside YT (just told you about him), of course Mr. Williamz and big European artist Ziggi. So you just can't go wrong there. Seriously! I've already spied it on Dutchie iTunes (which is the LAMEST version of iTunes in the world and that means that it's everywhere and I'm sure all my Emusic, Napster and Amazon people will be getting it shortly. BUT YOU have to decide to get it. It's huge so do it. I'll even find you some music. Wait here:

There you go! No more excuses. Big EP, grab it up and I'll definitely be grabbing it myself!


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