Monday, January 25, 2010

Stuff. . . Or Die

I'm just about all back at the heights of my mood, just have a little edge which is all but certain to die a ridiculously VIOLENT death in the next few weeks.

Why? Well, on the first of the month if my daughter's birthday, so that'll be big things!! And on the following day we're heading on to TnT for the first couple of weeks or so of the month! Madness! I need both of them and thankfully I held on being a moody one for a few extra weeks just to have it ended in spectacular fashion.

So! I went back and forth on this one, but I won't be posting A DAMN THING from the second of the month (yep, still going to post on that day), until around the 17th-18th or so. I'm basically taking two weeks off, which is good. I'm going to go back and tell you the last day I didn't post SOMETHING on this thing, give me a second . . . okay it was a long ass time. By my calculations it was back in July, which would have been StL Soca Monarch, so there you go! I've been writing my ass off for 5 months straight! Not only that, but this post is 361, so we're nearing a year's worth of posts which we'll hit before we run and I started the blog on Feb. 22nd, so well ahead of time yeah!

I'm going to try hard not to post a damn thing. I have to write, I just have to if I'm not to lose my mind, so I'll keep that up and if you want to send me something digital or even physical you can still link me at that time because I'll still check the email every other day or so yeah and my brother in-law will still handle all the physical stuff (and if it's digital he's been helping there too forever), so although my preference would be that NOBODY do ANYTHING until I'm paying attention again, I have you sneaky ones covered, lest I'm jumping my ankles off and somebody is. . . Oh I don't know . . . trying to release a Jah Mason album or something like that. And NO, I won't write for your website or play amateur photographer for your website, I don't care. I'm not doing it (of course I'll have a cool ass recap of Monarch like I did last year though, hopefully). Not even if you offer money (and if you do offer money, I'll become insulted and ignore you!). Still, I'm not gone yet and there's still much work to be done! What? Let's see:

  • I am writing next Tuesday, so by my calculations that means three regular reviews before we go. One I know what it is and it's Rebelution In Dub by Yami Bolo. I'm almost done with it right now (probably finish it after I do this), so there you go. One of the others, either Friday or next Tuesday will be The Man In His Music by Steele. My wife is up with her family this weekend and biggup Mobs for sending it yeah, so I'll deal with that before we leave. And I don't know what the third one will be quite yet.
  • Also thinking of a Modern Classic. I'm SERIOUSLY leaning towards Rising by Turbulence (because I feel like reminiscing), but if a better candidate emerges before I start it (even though I might start it in the morning), then I'm definitely open to change yeah (and if you have a suggestion, just remember - something which was released after 2000 ended and now before 2009 began (I guess I can add 2008 to the list now, which opens the posibility for Etana doesn't it???)).
  • I have a cool idea for a list which is My 10 Favourite Artists Whose Music You'll Never See On This Blog. Something like that. It'll be pretty difficult to come up with 10 (which is why I'm going to do it), but it should well be interesting yeah.
  • I might do a video drop. Might do another Check It, maybe a preview. Who knows, but I don't mind at all heavy writing this week coming up, because I'm going to miss it I know.
  • Oh and when we get back. MAYBE I'll let you in on a little WICKED local artist that I've been neglecting doing for awhile. But the man is crazy, crazy talented artist Swaligan style. And he has two albums out now I believe yeah.
  • Also when we get back, expect reviews for Ras Iba's new album, the Strange Things riddim (I might even get to that before we leave), Anthony John, maybe the Breadfruit Riddim (both of which I guess the woman who manages Anthony John sent me already, so I'll be loading them up and taking them along), the guy I just told you about and a few other things I'm thinking about.
  • OH! I'm working on a concept connecting MUSIC & SEX, something I've never written about before and I may actually deal with that before we leave sameway and it'll be on a random post (I MIGHT just call it an article too).
  • And oh! again. I WILL be doing a new artist of the month. And the one I have in mind is MASSIVE and is doing potentially big (maybe even THE BIGGEST) things in 2010 in March so, definitely look out for that on Saturday I believe.
I think that's it. Been getting a ton of response from everything. Actually this week, it's been all about Lion D for some reason, but I definitely can't complain about that. Bizzarri actually got back to me and sent me a new tune from the artist that I haven't heard yet. . . I'll listen to it now.

BIG TUNE! It's called 'I Can't Stand It' (I think it's actually called 'Dem Can't Stand It'). The guy, biggup Lio Selecta said it was from One Step Records, so check that out.

Also check out two things: The first is, I'm writing pretty consistently over there, nice news stories (I even wrote the one for the new tune 'A New Day' by Sizzla & Diana Rutherford, from Sherkhan and Tiger Records). I have another pretty big thing over there, hopefully materializing pretty soon, but I don't know what they want me to say, so I'm going to shut the hell up about it. And they have a nice staff of writers over there too, especially Angus. Biggup Angus.

ALSO! You have to check my friend Nico at See I wanted more people writing Reggae and Nico, one of my favourite readers jumps in and does it. He's also a pretty good painter supposedly so hopefully I can get him to paint a few pictures yeah! And go and check Dale Cooper and JC, all my other people. Biggup Rooted, wherever you are. Biggup Ricardo, wherever you are (man twitters 800 times a day). Biggup Asher too, I haven't forgotten about you and I'll get back to you before escape time yeah, so yeah! Oh and speaking of Nico again, last time I checked, the man had a cool 'about me' section and mine was lame, so I'm going to step up my game this week and write a better one.

I'll probably even do another one of these before we leave, so I'll cut it here and I'll get a few more of you then too (hopefully "a few more of you" start writing sameway). Biggup Kimberly too from this weekend yeah.

OH! And I think tonight was the Monarch semis, so hopefully (I'm sure) they'll announce the finalists this week and I'll give you my most certainly incorrect predictions for the competition (apparently Bunji isn't taking Monarch stage to support his wife and is there ANY question at all that he'll walk up and do a verse on Fay-Ann's tune???).

That's it for now and you already know what the tune is. Don't play

Do what

The Sign


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