Saturday, February 27, 2010

New Artist of The Month: Meet Buffy!


Meet Buffy! I normally make it a habit of trying to avoid using Soca artists as new artists (and instead I try to find ways other, more tactful and timely ways of mentioning them) (like so) and I do this for several reasons. The biggest of said reasons is the fact that, if an artist is actually ‘new’ (in the traditional sense of the word), there’s a fairly good chance that if I tell you about them now, you may not hear ANYTHING in the way of new material from that artist in ten or eleven months, because they may only participate in the season from their own island, especially being new. HOWEVER, that’s a risk that I’m simply willing to take in this case and I don’t think it may be a big risk either because the talent here is just SO interesting. I (and many people who know a helluva lot more about the situation than I do) are rather happily proclaiming young Couva native, the Breakout Artist of Trinidad Carnival 2010 and are doing so with what I’m hoping will be the first in a LONG line of outstanding hits from Buffy - The COOL Madness of ’Anything’.

This song is so wonderfully intoxicating (literally at times) and WRITTEN, that for me and thousands and then some, it captured attentions and didn’t seem to let up and still hasn’t! The song isn’t very groundbreaking in terms of what it is (how many times have you heard a downright epically and deliberately overdone wining tune in Soca? Millions?), but what it is in my opinion, is a slight ‘step up’ as yet again there comes an artist who can show that your typical ‘jump and wave and wine’ Soca tune need not sacrifice lyrics (and is not the most hilarious thing said there the fact that “a man wid a Heineken, he wining a mannequin“) (WHAT!). Also, it doesn’t at all lack in melody and VIBES either, which are even more important in the scope of Soca music.

Fortunately, ‘Anything’ isn’t the only ‘thing’ Buffy has dropped thus far and what is interesting about another of her selections, ‘Buffy & Thick’ is the decidedly Dancehall nature of the artist on that tune and lo and behold the artist herself claims the genre as a love of hers as well (check the interview linked at the end) and. . . I mean hey Buffy, should you want to spend your post Carnival months lining up some Dancehall releases, I won’t complain at all because she does show some talent in the genre as well (and even on ’Anything’ a bit in my opinion), which may keep her more busy in the studio during 2010 than your average new Soca artist.

And Buffy also linked with a next artist by the name of Rocky on a combination for Carnival 2k10, ‘All Night’. The tune is a delightful vibes and while certainly more on the slowed down, somewhat Groovy Soca style, Buffy still exudes quite a bit of Dancehall tempo and cadences in the tune and who knows, instead of being ‘the next big thing’ in Soca music, she may someday prove to be a bit of a pioneeress in terms of PURE Trini Dancehall of sorts.

Regardless, definitely keep an eye and an ear on Buffy. As I said, with a new Soca artist, there may be a chance that you might not hear from her until next season, however in the case of Buffy, with that type of UNUSUAL versatility, I don’t think that’s a very large concern here and thankfully so because I’m well looking forward to what she has up her sleeves next (and my Daughter is too. She LOOOOOOOOVES ‘Anything’!).

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  1. That was very good. Totally new to me. by the way, but I like this kind of nice surprises that you like to give every once in a while. Buffy was a blast.