Monday, February 1, 2010

TnT Soca Predictions


Fay-Ann Lyons - ‘Start Whining’
Shurwayne Winchester - ‘Murder’
Kerwin Dubois & Farmer Nappy - ‘Pavement’
Mr. Chucky - ‘Driffin’
Rikki Jai - ‘Barman’
KMC - ‘Nah Bad Talk Man’
Nnika Francis - ‘Survivor’
Lil Bitts - ‘Careful’
Ainsley King - ‘Bawl Out’
TC - ‘Hot Sun & Riddim’
Patrice Roberts - ‘Wuk It’
Zoelah - ‘More Water’


#1. Patrice Roberts - ‘Wuk It’
#2. Fay-Ann Lyons - ‘Start Whining
#3. Shurwayne Winchester - ‘Murder’
#4. Zoelah - ‘More Water’

I think this one is fairly straight forward, the only question is the order, but of course it won’t work out that way (it never does).While Lyons is definitely the favourite, I think both she and Winchester, the other favourite, ‘suffer’ from down years on the Groovy side. I don’t think either of their tunes is just very good (but then again, I didn’t like ‘Heavy T Bumpah‘. ‘Start Whining’ is the type of tune that can grow on me, but it just hasn’t yet. Still, that certainly doesn’t mean either can’t win. I’m going with Patrice this year because I think everything is wide open and her tune is GREAT and complicated as hell. Also, the last time she competed in this competition (2008), she took a CLEAR 2nd position, besting everyone outside of a DOMINANT Winchester with the winning tune, ‘Carnival Please Stay’. Also look for Zoelah to have a big year again and I wouldn’t be surprised if she outdid anyone on the list as, besides the experience gained at least year’s show, she’ll also have arguably a better tune to work with in my opinion (still would have loved to see Biggie Irie run in with 'Rub Up' this year!).

Dark Horse

I don’t know if I can actually call Kerwin Dubois & Farmer Nappy ‘dark horses’, because they’re big named artists and the same goes for KMC (although I don’t think he’ll place), so my I’m going with Nnika Francis. She’s in a position to do for herself what Zoelah did in 2009 and previous controversies notwithstanding, Francis has definite superstar position written all over her (sexy ass) (and biggup Mr. Chucky too, love that tune yeah).


Fay-Ann Lyons - ‘True Lies’
Tallpree - ‘Wicked Jab’
Shal Marshall & Screw - ‘Police’
KMC & Ronnie McIntosh - ‘While U Can’
Iwer George - ‘Party Hard’
Daddy Chess - ‘Ready Or Not’
Tian Winter - ‘Soca Rebel’
Skinny Fabulous - ‘Leggo De Beast’
Mr. Killa - ‘Swing It Away’
Blaxx - ‘Huntin’
JW & Blaze - ‘Palance’
Farmer Nappy & Kerwin Dubois - ‘I Pay For This’


#1. Fay-Ann Lyons - ‘True Lies’
#2. Blaxx - ‘Huntin’
#3. Skinny Fabulous - ‘Leggo De Beast’
#4. Iwer George - ‘Party Hard’

As much as I might think otherwise, it’s going to be nearly impossible for Iwer George not to place in this competition, so you kind of have to guarantee a place for him, despite the fact that I think his best days in this competition are behind him (and I may very well be wrong). Still, for the winner here you have to take a few things into consideration. The first and not the smallest is most certainly the fact that Fay-Ann Lyons is just BETTER than everyone else in the competition in terms of performance. The next is the fact that Bunji Garlin [aka Mr. Fay-Ann] is not participating (if he were, I might go with him) and is instead reported to be sitting out to “support” his wife in the competition. Bunji Garlin isn’t helping Fay-Ann take Groovy Monarch, ain’t happening. So you can be SURE that he’ll find someway to participate in Power. If Fay-Ann Lyons AND Bunji Garlin take Monarch stage . . . It’s a wrap! Even if THEY don’t, Lyons herself figures to have enough firepower to still fend off the likes of - Blaxx, who gets a step-up this year and the outstanding Skinny Fabulous, whose St. Vincy Monarch winning performance should be enough to get a top four place this year - at least for one more year.

Dark Horse

The Greenz contingent of both Tallpree & the insane Mr. Killa figure to offer stiff competition as well. Tallpree on the strength of a downright BRUTAL tune, ’Wicked Jab’, on arguably the year’s biggest riddim, the Gutter and the always unpredictable Killa based on said “always unpredictable”ness.

Road March

True Lies by Fay-Ann Lyons

Lyons has seemingly discovered the winning formula of Road March, one which doesn’t seem likely to fade away just yet. ‘True Lies’ is one strange little tune, but it’s one which has definitely done what you expected it to and has captivated audiences worldwide with it’s rather ‘ironic’ style (they’re accusing her of doing shit which she . . . Well yeah, she’s guilty of all of that stuff). The obvious competition here comes from the big tune ‘Palance’ from JW & Blaze which has been getting a crazy response thus far and doesn’t need the big performance capability that Monarch does and I wouldn’t be COMPLETELY surprised if Palance, or ‘No Behaviour’ from the absent Machel MontanoHD was to unseat the Queen this year (or ‘Huntin’ for that matter), I just don’t see it happening.

{note: I've seen varying reports of the actual finalists for the competitions, but I've taken my lists from the Express}
{note 2: In no way am I claiming to be a big expert on Soca, I most certainly am not, but still feel free to make fun of me when my predictions ALMOST CERTAINLY are proven to be ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS}

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  1. I think this is a good prediction. As for faye ann, i definitely think true lies is a master piece and the roadmix is one of the best i've heard for the year.