Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Coming Soon Vol. 14.5

Okay so, I forgot a couple of BIG things just the last time I ran this one, so I thought that I'd run it quickly again.
{Or I just didn't feel like writing today}

Coming Soon
Natty King - Born To Be Free [House of Riddim]

This was the one that made me do a double-take and kind of pissed off that I didn’t get to mention it, because it is TRULY a big fucking deal. You might know the Austrian label House of Riddim from dealing with artists like Yah Meek, Marlene Johnson, Fitta Warri and the other European/European based/European traveling artists (like Cali P) (and Black Dillinger) and they’re now stepping out with what has to be regarded as their most high profile release to date, a full blown album for the one Natty King Born To Be Free. The album becomes his second and a half, following No Guns To Town and the construct which was Trodding from last year (biggup Zojak) and I am SO looking forward to getting my paws on this thing because I think it is going to be EXCELLENT. Natty King is an artist who has proven himself capable of carrying the vibes for an entire album and I have a good mind that this piece will be his biggest to date and just downright MASSIVE as well. Why? Well, at first I had a good thought because the first tune was one of my own personal favourite efforts from the King, ‘Slew U In The Open’ from the Ilove Riddim, but even thought that particular piece is changed (to an acoustic set), later on you’ll stumble upon another of my favourites from the singer, ‘Fyah Bed’ which was HUGE! And just listening through this thing, I find myself getting eager and more eager to take it for a spin.

Potential Rating: 5/5
Releases on April 16

{note: You can find this one on preview on Juno Download and you know they let you listen to entirely too much of the tune on the sample (I swear that thing must be 90 seconds long), so you can pretty much listen to half the damn album on that page}

Riddim Driven: Classic [VP Records]

And the other one which I wanted to mention was one I actually knew about (because I’ve had it for a couple of weeks now), but just didn’t put up because. . . I didn’t have a big cover and the track sequential (yes, those are actually the reasons) - the latest edition of VP Records’ famed Riddim Driven series, the Classic. Of course, this one is all over my senses because it comes via the greatest Reggae producer on earth, Kemar ‘Flava’ McGregor (see note) and is his latest creation to date. The riddim has a vibes to it which DEFINITELY earn its title and on top of that sweet old school classic vibes, the thing is just COOL! Featuring efforts from the likes of Beres Hammond (of course), Etana, Wayne Wonder, the Lindo siblings, riddim topper Singing Melody and a HUGE combination of Duane Stephenson and Ras Shiloh which is almost overdoing it at this point (I mean REALLY! You put two artists like that and. . . Damn). And all of that leads me to potentially declaring the Classic the finest edition of Riddim Driven since. . . well, since Flava dropped the Rub A Dub a couple of years ago.

Potential Rating: 4.5/5
Releases on April 19-20

{note: McGregor just recently launched his website (biggup Camille) where you can purchase a great deal of his work to date, including a new and exclusive full blown album from Gyptian, Revelations and you can see quite a few articles and reviews written by some dude named Achis from and his blog. Check my favourite places for the link>}

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