Monday, March 29, 2010

Completely Random Thoughts Vol. 8.5: "Name? Lloyd. Brown."

It’s almost April and you know what that means this time of year!

Of course, it means that Achis Reggae favourite (despite the fact that he never returned my damn interview questions), Lloyd Brown, is back in the studio for his forthcoming annual November release. So, when you make an album, everyone knows what the most important part of the entire project is -

Writing some songs? NO!
The actual music? NO!
Finding someone to put it out when it’s complete? NO!

The most important part is to have a catchy title which people like me can talk about. Endlessly.

So, I don’t have much in the way of ‘inside info’ with the exception of possible musical direction for the album, but I thought that I’d HELP and throw out a few suggestions, five to be exact. Let’s examine!

#1. "Consider Silver Brownies"

This title is of course an amalgamation of Lloyd Brown’s last three albums [Silver, Brownie Points & For Your Consideration] and I think that it’s absolutely brilliant in every way! The title almost INHERENTLY suggests something which is better than all three albums (should he manage to top Silver, SERIOUS!), with some sort of progression and it also has some type of new age cosmically celestial type of leanings as well. Lloyd Brown tours Mars in early 2011 to support.

#2. "Silver Vol. 2"

I mean . . . why not??? It certainly worked so well the first time, let’s just do it again. You could actually do this as a remix album and just sing all the same songs as on the original, but with copious amounts of guests vocalists and producers. Sounding more and more interesting as I type it.

#3. "Stinkin’ Rich"

Again, why not??? I’m pretty damn tired of the tune by now, but ‘Guy from England singing Reggae’ these days more and more means Gappy Ranks (who reportedly may or may not have gotten his way out of his Greensleeves contract, which is a damn shame if true) and everyone knows the tune and it would gain many new fans so, why not call it that? Well, it’s wayyyyyyyyyyy below Brown’s sensibilities and dishonest as hell, but you have to admit that it would catch your attention. Wouldn’t it?

#4. "An Album About Nothing"

Seriously. Brown dropped the increasingly WICKED ’A Song About Nothing’ on the For Your Consideration album and it worked pretty nicely in my opinion. I say, why not expand on the theory (which doesn’t exist) and make a full blown album about nothing. It could be a concept album, and I would package it without an actual cover and with the CD version programmed randomly so instead of flowing sequentially 1,2,3,4 etc. The first song on the album would be marked 17, despite the fact that the album would only have 13 songs. Lloyd Brown Meets Picasso.

#5. "A Deeper Shade of Brown"

This one I actually used some brainpower to come up with and I think it’s pretty good. What little I know about the album (which I’m not going to tell you here, despite that it isn’t shocking at all), would kind of lead me to this direction. The title kind of portends maybe some ‘Jazzical’ types of inspirations and vibes, and of course, musical superiority. Not only that, but doesn’t it kind of SOUND like a Lloyd Brown album title? This is my favourite of the five and yours too.

And definitely we’re looking forward to the album. I may come back, occasionally, and offer other (most certainly ridiculous) predictions and hopes (like a combination with Macka B), but the title is most important!

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