Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Suga Roy & Conrad Crystal Interview

I think I actually wrote the questions for this piece in ~1943 or so, but it's finally materialized - The second complete interview I've ever done in my entire life by myself and it's of Suga Roy & Conrad Crystal. It's on UnitedReggae.com (if it's no longer at the top, then look for it dammit!). There you go! Hopefully interview #3 coming pretty soon, but I've learned not to count on such things until they've actually happened, so I won't even tell who it's with. So, go and check out the review, tell me if my questions were ridiculous and lame, or just go and marvel at my genius and do check out Suga Roy & Conrad Crystal's new album yeah.

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  1. Yendis talks to Suga Roy and Conrad Crystal 19.4.11 @ 20:00 GMT
    on ReggaeSpace.com
    Suga Roy & Conrad Crystal have established themselves as being one of the most solid and consistent duos in the history of Reggae music and in doing so they've managed to attract quite a bit of attention in the process.