Thursday, April 8, 2010

Video Drop 5.5: New Shelly G!

Shelly G - Text Me [Directed by Delroy Dash - Dtshaka Productions]

Okay so, I get an email out of the blue from AchisReggae favourite Shelly G (!) saying that she had a new video, for a straight Reggae song, asking me what I thought about it yeah. If you pay any attention at all to Shelly G (and if you frequent this blog, you do), then you know that she rather continuously releases new videos. In fact, in her genre, which is typically Soca, she probably has more videos than most of her peers, so it isn't a surprise, but whenever she has a new one, I'm definitely interested. This tune, 'Text Me', although Reggae, is fairly typical for Shelly G and the video is very nice. I love the colours and just the scenes, it's very well done and of course, Shelly G finds a way to interject quite a bit of her one of a kind personality into the piece (and is it just me, but does she kind of seem to have a very 'curious' smirk on her face at many points here?) so you can probably see the ending coming. The result is a very nice video and definitely always love to hear Shelly G doing Reggae (or anything for that matter).

Video Rated - 4.5/5
Video/Song Link - 4.5/5

{For more of Shelly G, including an explanation as to why she walked away from an all but guaranteed repeat as GT Soca Monarch, check out her excellent website at Shelly G Online}

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