Sunday, April 18, 2010

What A Beautiful Tune 8!

Yeah yeah yeah. It's Sunday (actually it's Saturday, I'm just trying to get this out of the way) so that means good songs around here yeah. Want to add to the list (next Sunday, or any Sunday thereafter)? Hit me at and let me know. And of course, obscurity is always appreciated (but so damn obscure that I can't actually find your song). Yeah. Lets go:

Okay, first today (or first tomorrow actually) is a tune from Prezident Brown, 'To Jah Only', recommended by Susan from Zojak and The Itals and Anthony B and Perfect and Cocoa Tea and Louie Culture (and who knows who else really at this point). I've never actually been the biggest Prezident Brown fan for some reason (his music sounds kind of 'jazzy' at times to me I think), but there're exceptions and this tune is definitely one such song yeah (as is 'Original Blue Print') (love that tune). So biggup Susan and biiggup Prezident Brown.

{Note: Speaking of Prezident Brown and Zojak, I think they've released and re-released some of his stuff recently including the Generation Next album and his most recent one Common Prosperity, so you can well pick them up digitally right now}

Next is DEFINITELY a very very cool selection. Reader Gustaf from Sweden drops in with some Finnish Reggae, Reggae from Finland - 'Maasta Maahan' from Raappana. I don't know exactly who Raappana is and to be perfectly honest, most words with double a's in them I find to be kind of creepy, but this song is EXCELLENT! No, I don't know what in the hell they're talking about, but it is a lovely song so definitely biggup Gustaf. Perfect choice my friend. And biggup Bredz sameway because I couldn't get that thing to embed for anything on my own yeah.

We're going to call this reader Random Ray from France (this guy had an email about as long as one of my reviews) and we're going to thank him for having AMAZING taste in music. He suggests one of my favourite songs from one of my favourite artists 'Selassie I' by Tiwony. LOVE this song! Love it, love it! You can actually get this one digitally right now on an album called Step One from Artikal (lot of nice stuff on there yeah, including an excellent tune on this same riddim, the Clean Riddim I believe, by the name of 'Rastafari' and a next tune 'They Fall' by Ras Mac Bean).

As for me, you can find me losing my mind in the Shaolin Temple with Fay-Ann's daddy. Enter at your own risk.


  1. That Raappana has nice vibes. The whole album is on Amazon for download, it looks like.

  2. Definitely, that tune is lovely.