Sunday, May 16, 2010

What A Beautiful Tune 12!

Yah yah yah!
Didn't think I was going to run it this week from the road did you??? Well I'm doing it anyway in most certainly bastardized form 2 & 1, who cares. Next week we'll definitely be doing a full edition, so definitely get your recommendations in at Yep, lets go.

Of course Bredz is going first this week and he's going first with a tune that he told me about last week with longtime VETERAN backing group (they've played for everyone) (literally everyone), The Uprising Roots, stepping forth with 'Skyfiya'. This tune is BIG, this tune is REALLY big and apparently it's brand new, coming from the same label in TruMusik who runs things with Achis Reggae favourite, Elijah Prophet. So definitely take this one for a spin and ENJOY (and there is potentially an even bigger tune from the group by the name of 'Brightest Light', which you can hear on their Myspace with a lot of other nice pieces yeah).

Achis! What the hell! I know it isn't OBSCURE, which is what I say each and every week, but considering that it comes from a new(ish) fan, I think Sanchez' 'Never Dis The Man' qualifies yeah. Bredz 'LADY FRIEND', who we're going to call Shimmy because her real name is absolutely ridiculous is just getting into the vibes and she's struck upon the legendary singer and unsurprisingly she's impressed. She also happens to be a WICKED writer so when her knowledge catches up with her skills . . . yep!

Okay, call it a bonus because I had to even things out, so my own 'LADY FRIEND', my Wife, gets a selection this week and she chooses one of Cocoa Tea's greatest songs ever with 'Love Me Truly', if you don't think this tune is just COOL, leave this blog and never return. . . . like ever.

And of course I have to go to the extreme and unnecessary so, do something for me. Turn your speakers or headphones WAYYYYYYYYY up and then listen to this tune. Problem Child shooting out early for Vincy Mas (not really early, but I'm still waiting on a DOMINANT tune from his brother, Skinny) (although 'Duracell' was nice) with the ridiculous 'Delinquents'. This tune starts off stupidly then just breaks shit apart and does so without any type of warning. Enjoy or use it to scare your friends and we'll see you back next Sunday with 5-6 reader suggestions, so get em in yeah.

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