Thursday, June 3, 2010

Video Drop 7: New(ish)

Kénédy - Enmé Mwen An Kreyol [DeejaySlam Pictures] **Pick of The Post**

Okay so, you can call it by design, or you can call it . . . Whatever you want to call it, but despite having some major ’contenders’ this week, for the second time in a row my absolute most favourite Zoukie, Kénédy, starts the video drop and yet again she manages to scintillate while doing so. This time, the song is ‘Enmé Mwen An Kreyol’, which just so happens to be the finest tune from her most recent album (which is apparently doing quite well), Entre Toi Et Moi. Of course first things first, Kénédy . . . Yep. You are one GORGEOUS human being and I don’t know how old she is, but it appears as if she’s getting sexier (and curvier each and every time out. If you go back and watch the video for ‘Mon Oasis’, she certainly wasn’t unattractive back then, but she was probably a 7-7.5/10 and now she’s a borderline 10 EASY in terms of looks (and she‘s not even ‘my type‘). The video (oh yeah)? Is probably better than the last time we saw her on the title track for her new album. The video was shot in Gwada and of course the scenery is awesome and whoever came up with the wardrobe is a genius. The video peaks for me with the shot of our star (looking a bit darker) (NICE) walking up the road with that very nice dress on and it’s just a LOVELY LOVELY thing to see (and you can’t tell me that you aren’t just a tad bit jealous of that chair near the end). Going like this, I’m hoping this isn’t her final video for this album and if it is, why not just make another album this year and give us 4-5 more. BEAUTIFUL!

Video Rated: 5/5
Video/Song Link: 5/5

Lion D - Nah Like Da Way Deh [Bizzarri Records/Directed By Skanka]

Didn’t think I had forgotten about him did you? Mr. Burnin’ Melody, Lion D, the breakout star of 2009 returns with a brand new video from his album for the final tune and one of the finest on that album, the rolling ‘Nah Like Da Way Deh’. This tune is even stronger a few months on from when I first heard it and it was a most interesting choice as a single and a video. The tune is basically and largely a social commentary and even though it has a very delightful and entertaining vibes to it, the real attraction is definitely lyrical and the visuals in the video reflect that in some instances with showing poverty and showing all of the workers stuck in the system and suffering because of it. I also just like way the video LOOKS. It’s very stripped down and it looks like they didn’t try to do too much with it, but if they wanted to, they could have (which is ESSENTIAL in making a ‘humble’ video - Looking like you did have the money to spend, but you just didn’t want to) and that’s a nice effect, regardless the actual circumstances. The highlight for me was the fact that on the tune the riddim (further backed by a saxophone) plays more than three minutes after the final lyric is uttered and while definitely that was unlikely in the video, they give you just a taste of it as well and that was so nice also. And if you STILL haven’t picked up Lion D’s album The Burnin’ Melody stop being a dumbass and do so now.

Video Rated: 4.25/5
Video/Song Link: 4.50/5

Ziggi Recado - The Baddest [Necessary Mayhem]

The newly christened Ziggi Recado is back again with another big video from yet another big tune. This one, ‘The Baddest’, produced by Curtis Lynch Jr. and company at Necessary Mayhem from out of the UK (where the video was also shot), appears on his recently released EP, Same Differences. To be honest, this song took more than a minute to grow on me, although I didn’t give it the greatest of attention initially. These days? Big song. I think it shows even more lyrical progression from Ziggi and he’s well on his way, in my opinion, to be the WICKEDEST Euro artist (even though he’s apparently relocated to Statia) ever born. As for the video, it’s pretty dark, as was the piece for ‘Joka Smoka’ and perhaps one of the most surprising aspects of the video is just how relatively common it is to see pistols just . . . Kind of being there. Also, I didn’t like the kind of ‘screw facing’ montage that takes place, but all in all I like the video (either that or I ‘secretly’ LOVE this tune, like a lot).

Video Rated: 4.25/5
Video/Song Link: 4.75/5

Bescenta - Genuine
[Uplifting Music International/Directed By Ezra]

I got my answer in regards to St. Andrews chanter Bescenta’s debut album Genuine. My question was whether or not Reggae fans would react to it very much and the answer is very clear that we have because I don’t go very far at all, doing research online, without seeing SOMETHING regarding the album and I recently got an email (from someone called Desperado Promotions) with something else - A brand new video from the album for the title track. This song was , in retrospect, pretty good, despite the fact that I wasn’t too enthralled with the love songs on the album and I’m not too surprised at all to see it getting such a push now (and biggup UMI because they push the hell out of everything with their name on it). As for the video, the first thing you should notice is definitely the colours. I like pretty much everything about how they use colours in the video, including later on when you have that kind of ’red’ or ’burgundy’ effect on the camera lens and just in general it seems as if the colours are turned up to an almost neon-like level. Then you should notice the very attractive female (who looks a bit like Lady Stream) (although I don’t think that’s her) on Bescenta’s arm for the majority of the piece. The highlight here for me is just how well the video matches the song. It’s not the best video in the world (it’s not even the best on this post), but it, along with the first selection in this feature is the absolute best at bringing across the perceived message of the actual song in my opinion. Well done.

Video Rated: 4.5/5
Video/Song Link: 5/5

Protoje - Dread [Don Corleon Records/Directed by Leann ‘Dreamseeker’ Ollivierre]

I’m definitely still trying to figure out exactly what I think of Don Corleon’s kind of odd younger cousin, Protoje, but even in that midst I do have to give credit where it’s due. Thus far, on a musical level, he’s largely impressed and he’s now managed to take that music and apply it NEAR PERFECTLY on a video with the WICKED ‘Dread’. The song basically outlines and identifies Protoje’s musical and personal journey (which appear to be interwoven) and the video seems to cover that almost perfectly, dating back to the day of his birth, June 14, 1981 (EXACTLY two months before I was born). The song shows a young mischievous Protoje with his Nintendo, hideous Jan Sport book bag, cassette deck player, his Buju poster and his bag juice (spoiled ass) getting into all types of trouble. He’s later joined by cuzzo and the mayhem continues (wonderfully Corleon jumps in when things get musical). Later on the two grow up and grab the highlight when they encounter the same officer Protoje gave trouble as a youth and now he’s a fan. Keep an eye out for Protoje in the future and you may be as well. Probably the best Reggae video I’ve seen in 2010 (unless I’m forgetting something really good).

Video Rated: 5/5
Video/Song Link: 5/5

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