Sunday, July 25, 2010

What A Beautiful 20!

Yep yep yep yep yep yep. It's another nice week around here, a nice and lovely past few days and, as expected some nice work from our readers. As I said, unfortunately, I accidentally deleted a few tunes and I don't think I got them back, so most certainly when you run up here and don't see your recommendation, definitely link me again and I'll get you running next week yeah. Okay, this week we have a regular-regular kicking things off in a most expected way and then two new regulars keeping the vibes high and then whatever I come up with yeah. So you know it's, send me your suggestions for beautiful songs, posted each and every Sunday, bright and early. Let's hit.

Okay so, everyone knows Jah Callax, beautiful tune superstar, he links me and says he already knows the perfect tune for this week, but it wouldn't fit too well, because obscure it is not. HOWEVER, because it certainly most timely and this man is one of my least discussed topics (and you know I have good reason) (because EVERYBODY already knows), taking opening honours is a song I hadn't heard in a minute, so it . . .Yeah. TEARS! The immortal Robert Nesta Marley with 'Selassie Is The Chapel'.

How in the world do you follow that??? I don't know, it's not my problem. Ask second time (I THINK) (maybe third for him now?) participant here, JP from . . . Washington DC I believe who, at least theoretically, has his mind in the most appropriate position as, after sighting His Imperial Majesty, it is definitely wise to 'Give Thanks' as we go back to the VI (biggup Callax) for veteran Junior P's tune which was the title track from his debut album. Of course, the tune is about giving thanks to one's parents (who are, of course, an extension of The Almighty) and it is absolutely gorgeous and when is the last time you hear this tune? How long? Forever maybe? Excellent choice JP. . . (Junior P tune recommended by JP???) (HMMM).

Speaking of OBSCURE, here we have one of the PILLARS of obscurity over the last few years, Yahadanai, with one of the handful of post album tunes he's managed to record (unless someone is really keeping me in the dark, the SWEET lover's tune 'Hold You In My Arms'. The title comes via another sophomore participant, Allan from New York, who we just learned is Allan from New York, by way of Guyana which makes all the more reason he'd draw a Yaha tune. I don't really know what to say much about Yahadanai, he did what he did and vanished, but . . . DAMN if this man never gives us another album, it'll really really be a crime and if he does, I'm well prepared to celebrate it. Still gorgeous and an excellent piece Allan (biggup Guyana, biggup Fam and biggup Shelly G).

{note: The thumbnail had nudity in it and I am completely paranoid}
{note 2: Even though the nudity was wonderful}

I had a REALLY good song in my mind when I started this, but I didn't take a note and I've, of course, forgotten it, but my replacement, if I do say so myself (and I'm going to) is EXCELLENT. It's Luciano with the biggest of big tunes from his "Jah Is My Navigator" album, 'Jah Canopy'. And we will most certainly see you (and hopefully hear from YOU) next week.

{Reviews this week for Bryan Art and (hopefully) Toussaint [The Liberator]}

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