Sunday, February 6, 2011

Big Tunes #44

Pretty interesting week yeah??? Pretty interesting group of songs this week to match also. I got so much this week, I literally got 5 Soca songs this week - And I narrowed it down to two of them for . . . Pretty much no reason and I manage to mix in some Reggae and I have no idea what my tune is this week so I'm going to pick some Reggae too to balance it out. But we have one real veteran, one kind of veteran and a completely new person so - Yeah - Let's do it.

Okay, first up this week is Denis from Florida who I'm pretty sure is 'secretly' from Greenz because this is the second song he's ever sent and the first was a combination between Sizzla and Mr. Killa so - Yeah. Anyway, this week he does me a bit of a favour because I never heard this tune from last season. Everyone is searching for Jenny, but only Synnah knows where she is, she's 'Down In De Cocoa' (with a Jab Jab apparently). MADNESS!

We're going to alternate Soca:Reggae this week (so notice the colour changes and also notice the fact that Julian from Da Ville told us how to just get the audio blocks from Youtube so big him up and also biggup Bredz) so next up is by far the most decorated of participants on this list this week, JP (who is either from North Carolina or New York by way of Guyana - I think is North Carolina) (damn I hate being dumb) who comes through STELLARLY (not a word) with a most remote drop from the year I was born: It's Sowell Radics (biggup Matilda) with 'All Nite Jammin'. The vocals on this tune are very nice, but what stands out is actually when they stop and that SWEET (!!!) riddim just continues out. Excellent selection, as usual, from JP. Happy 2011 my friend.

And lastly from my wonderful readers this week is a tune from Nat (a girl) who is originally from Brazil, but is now doing her studies in Toronto. Nat is a rookie to this post, but I 'know' her from longtime - She's a Reggae head who's starting to get more and more into Soca. Hopefully I've had a bit to do with that, but definitely living in Toronto probably has helped as well. This week she doesn't venture out too far by pulling in Shurwayne Winchester along with Collie Buddz on the remix of the former's big hit, 'Allequa'. I still prefer the original (but not by a lot), but biggup Nat who said that she's about to become a regular here and she listens to a lot of strange shit, so stay tuned.

Okayyyyyyyy! I still have absolutely no idea what I'm picking this week and I'm simply writing this to kill time while I'm thinking about it . . . OKAY! I have a good one I think. Because we talked about him this past week and I'm probably going to mention him again tomorrow - It's Prince Koloni with an older big tune, 'Thank You Jah Jah' and if you love (and you might) or you just want to hear more, you can find this tune on his debut (I THINK) self titled album which apparently is on iTunes so enjoy!

  • Happy Earthday Robert Nesta Marley
  • Reviews this week for Etana and . . . Hopefully Alpheus or maybe Ele
  • Biggup Nico The Mighty and biggup Ras Jay
  • I should probably say something about the Superbowl and here it is: Bredz thinks that Greenbay is going to win 20-10.
  • Wanna participate? Link us at We do your big tune suggestions each and every Sunday, unless I find something better to do.

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