Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Coming Soon Vol. 31

Tiwony - “Cité Soleil” [Blackwarell Sound Inc.]

'Never Give Up' featuring Konshens

Ooooooookay! Unless I’m REALLY overlooking something (and I might be), definitely the biggest piece of I have to tell you about this week is that one of the most talented Reggae artists in the world and a personal favourite of mine and yours (I‘m sure), Tiwony, is set to drop his next album “Cité Soleil”. The album, his third to date, follows the very well received ”Viv La Vi" from 2009 and it’s already in the process of generating quite a bit of buzz for itself. The album has also (already) birthed two hits as both the Soca fused ‘African Whine’, alongside Da Brains, and ‘Never Give Up’ with Jamaican star, Konshens, have been doing big damage for Tiwony. On a personal level I cannot fucking wait to get my paws on this one and, as usual when Tiwony does his thing, you can DEFINITELY expect one of the year’s best albums from one of the greatest to do it.

Potential Rating: 4.9999999/5
Releases on April 11
CD & Digital

Ed Robinson - “Written In Stone” [Push Broom Gang Productions]

'Our Heroes'

Next we have big veteran Ed Robinson FINALLY following up on one of the biggest Reggae singles of 2010, ‘Our Heroes’, with an album for the tune and fourteen more, ”Written In Stone”. While the levels attained by the singles were certainly a bit unexpected, skimming through the album doesn’t appear to hole many surprises - You pretty much know what to expect from Robinson - Big Lover’s Rock and Roots Reggae material with a very identifiable old school edge and there’s nothing wrong with that. I do hope that the fans who jumped on ‘Our Heroes’ do come back for the album, because if they do you may have a very very popular release for a singer who well deserves it.

Potential Rating: 4/5
Releases on March 17
CD & Digital

Takana Zion - “Rasta Government” [SoulBeats Records]

'Glory' featuring Capleton

Guinea born potential Reggae superstar, the talented Takana Zion is also back in the first half of 2011 with his third studio album to date, ”Rasta Government”. Despite the fact that I was in very (very) small company, I never really got into his last album, ”Rappel Á L’Ordre”, but i well known that he is very talented and perhaps to make it even more evident to me (I’m sure that’s the rationale behind it), Takana is apparently throwing a very welcomed wrinkle into things on his new album. While I haven’t heard much of it, if we are to go by the album titles (and I am), a great deal of the album is in English. Certainly I’m all for people doing this wonderful music in the language most comfortable for them (and I will even learn your language (or at least part of it) to follow you), but as a born and grown English speaker, it’s easier on me. Also grabbing attention here is a BIG combination featuring none other than Capleton.

Potential Rating: 4/5
Releases on May 6
CD & Digital

“Kalash: Edition Collector” [Chabine Productions]

Okay so, last year up and coming Dancehall DJ, Kalash, from out of Martinique released his self titled debut album and apparently that album did a SIGNIFICANT amount of damage as the label, Chabine Productions, is releasing a very slightly changed “Collectors Edition” of the album. By my (surely incorrect) count there’re only three different tracks on this edition ‘Mi Lov Dem’ (which may be the main reason this edition actually exists), ‘Je Contrôle Ma Vie’ and the WICKED ‘Coupé Décalaminé’. I wouldn’t say that any of them are worth picking up the entire thing, but definitely look into the last one digitally my friends.

Releases on March 21
CD (MAYBE) & Digital
See Original Review

Richie Spice - “Book of Job” [VP Records]

Yeah yeah. The release date for this one is just next week out now, so I thought that I’d throw it in. I should say that although I don’t too much, generally, enjoy Richie Spice’s albums, it’s a month or even more at this point that I’m listening to "Book Of Job" and I definitely still enjoy it, so check it out.

Releases on March 15
CD & Digital
See Review

Sara Lugo - “What About Love” [Soulfire Artists]

Surely no one has alerted you that Achis Reggae favourite Sara Lugo has a new album releasing in a couple of months, "What About Love" so I thought that I’d bring it to your attention. It’s already up, you can hear clips of it now (you can hear the entire album on Juno) and yeah - Enjoy (surely I’ll find ways to bring it to your attention every damn chance I get).

Potential Rating: 4.25/5
Releases on May 6
CD & Digital

The Massanto Riddim [Island Traffic Entertainment]

'Wine It' by Ms. Alysha

And finally - It took them a couple of years but one of Grenada’s finest Soca labels, Island Traffic Entertainment have returned to the digital scene with their Massanto Riddim from 2010. You should definitely be familiar with them from having produced the HUGE Gutter Riddim and just like that big composition, the Massanto is another Jab Jab and it’s another very impressive and colourful one. It’s served up to the likes of Tallpree of course, Ms. Alysha, Lavaman, even Natalie Storm and others (including bonafide cutie Sharrie Jones) (cool cover too).

Releases on March 15

In Stores Now
Kes - “Wotless” [KES The Band]

'Wotless' @ Soca Monarch

So! With Carnival a thing of the past we can now get to the point when (much) less than a handful of the big named Soca artistes drop albums and one of the earliest to get in on the real fun is the most dependable Kes The Band who’re coming off one of their greatest seasons . . . Probably ever as lead singer and the face of the band, Kees Dieffenthaller became the Groovy Soca Monarch on one of the biggest hits of the season, ‘Wotless’ which is the title track to their new album. That big tune isn’t alone on the album, it’s also joined by pretty nice hits ‘Ah Ting’, ‘Melee’ from last year, ’Fete Hard’ and ‘Heaven’, featuring oft Kes collaborator, the incomparable Nadia Batson.

CD & Digital
Review maybe coming soon

Sanchez - “7 Wonders” (EP) [Prestige Elite - X5 Music Group]

Veteran singer Sanchez, having wrapped up his VP Records contract, has followed the same route as his peer, the venerable Wayne Wonder, in releasing a seven track EP, ”7 Wonders” through Prestige Elite. Unlike Wonder’s, however, I’m not particularly excited about this one because it’s full of tunes which are VERY old actually. Having originally seen the release I was somewhat excited and thought it a pretty good idea, but when you see tunes such as ‘Old Time Religion’, ‘On The Wings of Love’, ‘Julie On My Mind’ and, worst yet, ‘Someone Loves You Honey’, you definitely get a very STALE feeling. Not that the tunes here are necessarily bad - But here’s a release which was particularly unnecessary, inexplicable and pretty WOTLESS in its own right.


The 05 Riddim [PayDay Music Group]

'Whine Up & Gwaan' by Buju Banton

The wonderful people at PayDay Music are back at it again for 2011 with a HEAVY new (REAL) Dancehall piece, the 05 Riddim. L.O.V.E. IT! Certainly they could’ve packed in more than the SIX vocal tracks on the riddim, but a lot is done here, nevertheless. Nothing more is accomplished than Buju Banton on ‘Whine Up & Gwaan’, but attempting to register over Buju are Bounty Killer, Determine, Lutan Fyah, Chuck Fenda and one of my least favourite artists, Alley Cat, who does fairly well actually on ‘To Di Top’ - But, again, we just wish there was more of on this beautifully POUNDING riddim.


The Shame & Disgrace Riddim [Total Satisfaction]

'Dem A Bleach' by Luciano

You line up a single riddim with a VERY nice group of names such as Luciano, source of the single best song I heard in 2010, Junior X, the woefully inactive but very impressive Khari Kill and a few others (like Fragga Ranks) (and even Big Youth actually alongside Jah Hammed) and you’ve got my attention. That’s exactly what Total Satisfaction has done with its latest release, the Shame & Disgrace Riddim. The riddim itself isn’t amazing or anything, it’s just WELL solid and straight forward and provides a very nice backdrop for some excellent Roots sets (especially from Junior X and Luciano).


The My Life Riddim [DJ Frass]

So! If you thought that last year’s (early last year actually) big My Life Riddim which backed I-Octane’s HUGE tune of the same name was kind of a one-hit type of riddim well then . . . Well you were completely right actually. It took a year but DJ Frass has strung together most of the tunes on the album and while the riddim was a big named piece and has a few other big names such as Anthony B and Bugle (incidentally the riddim also backed a big combination track featuring Agent Sasco and Tarrus Riley which, unsurprisingly, that isn’t on the album) it was mainly and simply about I-Octane shining brightly.


Cousins Records EP

I thought that I’d quickly mention evidence of the existence of the once mighty Cousins Records from out of the UK. They recently released an actual compilation CD (which I’m entirely too lazy to find the name of) and also just a very random string of digital EP’s. Here’s the thing with this one: With names such as Chuck Fenda, Glen Washington, Nereus Joseph, Freddie McGregor, Dennis Brown and others, you’re almost sure to find something which you’ll like, but it all seems very random, so definitely look carefully and hopefully this is a sign that the label is at least interesting in returning to form.


Anthony B EP [Tad's Records]

And you thought ”Rasta Love” was the only piece of ‘new’ Anthony B album around??? That’s not entirely the case as the boys and girls at Tad’s continue to prove that the concept of an EP is one which they haven’t completely nailed down as they deliver this ultimately useless 10 track set, similar to the recent one they did for Perfect (they also have smaller (actual EP’s) from the likes of Jah Mason and Terry Linen). You’re certainly not going to find anything here which you haven’t seen elsewhere with tunes like ‘Tease Her’, ‘Mr. Heartless’, ‘Face Off’ alongside Gentleman and others so . . . Yeah. Meet the downside to the digital arena coming up in Reggae music - People can release random shit with little or no cost to them.


Peter Hunnigale - ’All Time Low’ (single) [Jet Star]

Speaking of once powerful UK based labels - Apparently Jet Star is trying to get something going again with a new single from outstanding UK vocalist, Peter Hunnigale, ’All Time Low’. I’m not the biggest of fans of Hunnigale’s, so I don’t know if this is an old tune or what (seems unlikely in this form, however), so maybe the label is up again, recently their website was back online - Stay tuned.


Ras Penco EP [Signature Ent.]

'Fire Bun'

'Your Love'

Here’s a far more enticing (and actual) EP set from an artist who needs to go ahead and release a full length LP in 2011, the always welcomed and impressive Ras Penco. It’s getting pretty hard to call Penco an ‘up and comer’ (he was actually on the I Swear Riddim from wayyyyyyy back in 2003-04), but I still don’t think that he’s managed to release his full potential as of yet. Maybe the trio of tunes on this set will help because they’re all pretty strong - ‘Fire Bun’, ‘Your Love’ and ‘Nuh Waste Time’.


Vybz Kartel - ‘The Lyricist’ (single) [Head Concussion]

Apparently tired of people (like me) shouting about how much he’s changed over the years, Dancehall superstar Vybz Kartel has struck back (at us) with the tune ‘The Lyricist’ - An open display of his once awe-inspiring style. Yes - The tune is VERY impressive, however, its existence is all the more frustrating. He can do this whenever he wants. He’s THAT talented. It’s easy for him. It takes very little effort. Now, when he decides not to sing his next tune and the one after that, and the one after that and the one after that and once again becomes simply one of the most talented DJ’s the Dancehall has ever seen, then I’ll shut the hell up.


Winstrong - ‘Trippin’ [Universal Balance Entertainment]

And finally, I thought that I’d mention this tune which is apparently the very first single from the forthcoming album from the Suriname born (I THINK) Winstrong, ‘Trippin’. Fans should remember the label, Universal Balance Entertainment, as the same which released Ras Attitude’s most recent studio set, the BIG ”I Meditation”. The somewhat familiar tune is somewhat of an R&B vibes which isn’t surprising at all from the most versatile Winstrong and hopefully we can get that album sometime later this year.


Gappy Ranks - 'Ragga Ragga' (single) [Champion Squad Records & Hot Coffee Music]

Okay so, I just remembered that I wanted to mention this one again after we left with it up at the top. Flaming UK export, Gappy Ranks, has a BIG new single around by the name of 'Ragga Ragga' which is downright DESTRUCTIVE. It's probably one of my favourite tunes from the still young year at this point and hopefully it leads well into his forthcoming album, "Thanks & Praise".

"Mi love fi si when Bounty versus Beenie
Mi love fi si when Shabba gwan wid di Grammy
Mi love fi si when Supercat clash Ninja
Mi love music a coulda Gaza or Gully
Mi love hear Bass Odyssey and Stonelove
Mi love fi hear Killamanjaro and Addies
Mi love fi hear Bob Marley, Dennis Brown, Sugar Minott, Gregory Isaacs, Alton Ellis
Biggup di ranks dem!
Cutty, Delly and Louie
Mi done biggup Shabba Ranks already
Biggup Capleton weh bun dung dreddie
Biggup Mr. Wacky him start Weddy Weddy
Who have di energy?
Somebody say Ele
Love fi si Sean Paul and Shaggy pon telly
Crowd start fi cheer when dem announce Kalonji
Fans all around from all town and country
Mi love how di Killa bring Vybz Kartel
And Mavado start well
Step pon di stage di whole place start shell
Alright! Mek mi talk about Gargamel
Biggup every Banton
Buju Banton, Mega Banton
Wayne Wonder, Sanchez and Lukie D fi sing di anthem
Singing Melody and Tony Curtis sing di harmony
Hail up Alborose
Gentleman from outta Germany
My name is Gappy Ranks I come from England
Have you heard of me? . . ."

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