Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Completely Random Thoughts 28: Feel Nice!

Certainly I'm jinxing myself by mentioning it (which means it'll probably be gone tomorrow), but what you see here is just a REALLY cool occurrence that my ridiculous blog is the first link on VP Records' Website because A-C is alphabetically before A-Q. It's been that way for quite some time and I noticed that we never mentioned it, so I thought that in the middle of one particularly RAW week, I'd bring it up. We're also the first link on Zojak Worldwide's Website, but that's almost surely due to the fact that Zoe is really really cool (Hey Zoe!). What can I say! We deserve it! We work hard! We're still wrapping it up sometime in the next 8 and a half months, but that's just nice! And Biggup Bredz everytime for the screencap.

So to celebrate (my laziness) we're DEFINITELY taking tomorrow off, however do check back Friday for a full review of Nadia Batson's latest album, "Miss B", and beyond that - The next "Modern Classic" on a favourite from 2009 and (hopefully) a lyrics feature on King Shango.

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