Sunday, April 24, 2011

Big Tunes #52: Big Stinkin Helicopter

Yeah! It's actually the middle of Saturday (little later than the middle actually), but as far as you know, it's Sunday and of course that means . . . BIG BIG TUNES! Apparently there was a little special thing this week with 420 which, as usual, I paid no attention to (although I was on it last year), but we got a few tunes from readers who were definitely celebrating the occasion. So, this week, we're going 4 tunes deep from readers, two regulars and a semi-new participant who're on topic and a ridiculous regular who rolled through last week. Let's go!

First up, we have the return of Ben from California who is an oooooooooold provider of big tunes and we hear from him every three or four months or so. As usual, he chimes in with a bag of tunes which you'll be hearing from for the next 3-4 weeks (including next week, definitely, because he actually recommended one of my own personal favourites). Firstly, however, we have 'Who's Got The Herb' which is from Human Rights who apparently shares a vocalist with the well known Bad Brains group. This song is truly ridiculous, but obviously it was intentionally done so and it's very catchy also. And Ben said that he was going to check out a show with Barrington Levy and Slightly Stoopid so we hope he had a good time and biggup yourself Ben, everytime.

Next we have a tune which comes from a reader who we talk to quite often, but this is his first time participating with big tunes. It's Linton who lives in New York, but was born and raised in Tobago (and he actually said that they were moving back after his Wife gives birth in a few weeks). He brings this tune, which is awful, but he acknowledges that it is - It's Karma with 'Chutney Ganja' (it's better when the singing stops).

Okay and lastly (on subject) is Nat who . . . Alright. Nat sent us about 12-15 songs. But she sent the most OBVIOUS songs in the world. It was 'Come Around' and 'Ganja Farmer' level tunes. So, you know something is crazy when the most random song I can pick is a tune which won two Grammys. Here we have Stephen & Damian Marley with 'Traffic Jam' - We (and by "we", I mean Bredz) (biggup Bredz) changed it and decided to go with the acoustic version of the tune, just to change it up. Biggup yourself Nat and next time I want absolute carnage in your tune!

And lastly, 'bucking the trend' and 'going against the grain' is . . . Of course it's Remmy who stopped by this week and attempted to raid a hard drive for instrumentals. The one he found? It was the one which was the most popular according to the system - It's the Badda Don Riddim from Yard Vybz. Also, Remmy, so inspired, decided to try his hand at some deejaying (also tried to get my Daughter involved only to find out, like everyone else who tries to engage her in just about anything, that she is completely indifferent to all things Earthly) and it was awful, but he did better than I did. Good times and big big riddim.

As for me, I'm going easy this week, I knew my pick as soon as we came up with the format. Mining the vaults we have Bounty Killer with the WICKED 'High Grade Forever' ("ah nah bushweed never"). This song was on Jeremy Harding's crazy Lightning Riddim which was probably one of the most underrated sets in . . . In forever (did you catch that???) (TOK had a MAD tune on the riddim called 'Bun Friend Enemy') and it was a master class from the Killer.

  • Happy belated Earthdays to - Sizzla Kalonji, Capleton, Stephen Marley, Bushman, Jalena and my Brother.
  • Reviews??? I'm leaning towards the Message Riddim and . . . I have no idea what else.
  • Biggup Stefanie

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