Sunday, May 1, 2011

Big Tunes #53

WONDERFUL! That very strange week is dead and gone and it's Sunday (actually it's Saturday evening) which means Big Tunes. . . . Yeah! That's really all I have to say right now. Big week next week however - And we're nearing 800 posts. Good for us. This week we have three familiar names of varying degrees who all do quite well, even though we had to help one along a bit because we were lazy.

Okay! First we have our good friend Susan who sent us a song by Sizzla which we (and by "we", of course I mean Bredz) were supposed to upload somewhere, but Bredz (who 'officially' has a new girlfriend, so big him up) didn't do it and I . . . Yep. So, we'll get to her tune in a couple of weeks (no Big Tunes next week) (got stuff to do), so instead here's something I'm sure she'd support in one way or another. It's still Sizzla with 'Children Crying' on the Target Riddim from John John - Which, coincidentally, has been recently released as a digital compilation (also on board is Buju, Kartel and Capleton) (I want to say the riddim is from 2007-2008???) (and Ele was also on it). Pretty nice tune actually and biggup Susan [Hey Susan!].

Next we have Ben, continuing his streak of tunes from last week (and I may even put him on the next edition as well) and this week he strikes gold with simply one of the COOLEST songs of all time. Mikey Spice gives us 'Happy Hour'. If the man never sang another tune (and he did) (a lot of them), his legacy as a COOL singer would be secure from the power of this EXCELLENT tune. So biggup Ben, of course, and if you don't like this song feel free to forget how you got here.

And finally from my wonderful readers this week is the Queen of the VI, Deborah, who we haven't heard from in a minute [Hey Deborah!]. She actually did us a really nice thing because I didn't know this one even existed. Not only do we have the full new song from Tanya Mullings, 'Rescue Me' [produced by Dean Pond], but here's a video for it as well! Mullings (and her hips and ass) looks DAMN GOOD and the tune is LOVELY (and currently available as a digital single from Rymshot Productions and the magic workers at Zojak Worldwide). Deborah also left another very nice tune (which was actually for Big Tunes, this one she was just showing the video, but it fit here so wonderfully, I just had to) (and I just did a 'Video Drop' last week), so we should hear from her next time and biggup she and Callax every time.

As for me this week. Everything is nice and easy as I simultaneously look back and look ahead to next week. It's Achis Reggae favourite Tiwony alongside Profa with the HUGE 'Jah Is My Guide' from the "Viv La Vi" album.

  • Two VERY LARGE reviews next week and one of them is from Tiwony. On the next - We drop bombs
  • April's 'Artist of The Month' will be posted on Wednesday or Thursday
  • Nothing planned for tomorrow


  1. Cant wait to hear more about Tiwony... where is he from? Tough Voice.