Sunday, May 15, 2011

Big Tunes #54

Yup! It's the middle of May, if you haven't noticed - Rapidly approaching . . . The end of May (I guess). Really dumb little week, but now it's over. And these are good things. Okay, this week we have three veterans and a bit of immediate special effects courtesy of Bredz. And, of course, should you want to participate in future week's editions of this ridiculous feature, you'll link us at Enjoy!

Okay so, I called Leclaire a veteran, but he isn't really (even though we hear from him at least two or three times a week), I THINK this is only his second time participating on this feature and he does so not with an interesting tune from Guyane, but with one of the greatest songs of all time (so we'll forgive him) (this time). It's the unstoppable, the unbreakable Kassav with 'Zouk La Sé sèl Médikaman Nou Ni'.

Next we have JP who we haven't heard from since . . . BT#44 and who (is currently somewhere in South Carolina attending a Wailers/Duane Stephenson show. And biggup JP because almost every time we hear from him he has good information and is either planning to go to or recently already attended some type of Reggae show, so big him up) goes obscure and about thirty years back (what a horrible number!) for the sweet singing and unfortunately largely forgotten Lion Youth with 'Rat Cut A Bottle'.

Lastly, we have a tune coming from two weeks in the making. It's unreleased Sizzla Kalonji - 'Cleanse My Soul' (I think that's the tentative title). The song, which is produced by John John, comes courtesy of the smartest and the greatest and the bestest musical publishing person in the entire world, Susan [Hey Susan!], and is part of an album which is forthcoming. It's also a very good song and you do agree. Biggup Susan and biggup Bredz because I would'nt have uhmmm - Yeah I'm lazy.

Speaking of meeeeeeeeee! I had a perfect tune in mind this week, but of course I've now forgotten what it was. So instead, I'll just give you what's stuck in my head at the current time (which may've been the original song anyway) it's Achis Reggae favourite and reigning 3x St. Vincy Soca Monarch, Skinny Fabulous alongside another Achis Reggae favourite - Busy Signal - with 'Rave Out'. I'm still not entirely sure what I think of this tune, but listening to it is better than NOT listening to it.

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